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Enterprise teams struggle with knowledge locked in silos, legacy tools, and outdated search systems. Curiosity lets you easily find all your information with an unified search and out-of-the-box connectors.

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On the cloud or on your infrastructure, link your data and build a delightful search experience for your users in no time.


Keep your data safe with graph-based access control, encryption and single sign-on support. Deploy to the infrastructure you trust most.

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Increase productivity with search taylored to each of your teams and their data and apps.

Powerful machine learning

Curiosity learns to talk your language, using AI models for acroynms, synonyms and to find related knowledge.

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Find the knowledge your company already has


Use available integrations or built custom connectors, with automatic syncronization and access control.


Delightful search experiences built with a few clicks, from the confort of your browser.


Find the knowledge your teams need, and empower your employees using our AI-powered natural search experience.

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Existing enterprise search platforms are complex, brittle, and expensive to maintain. Delight your employees with an integrated search experience designed for performance.

  • AI-powered search.
  • Enterprise-ready.
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