AI for Industrial Enterprises

Unlock the knowledge in unstructured documents

Curiosity helps companies turn their unstructured documents into knowledge they can use to transform their business. Learn more.


Turn documents into knowledge into value

Curiosity's AI software extracts the knowledge from your company's documents and helps you turn it into business value.

Save time and money

Increase process speed and efficiency by giving your people access to the information they need.

Increase sales and satisfaction

Provide better services and recommendations to customers by understanding their preferences.

Motivate employees

Reduce the drudgery of searching for information and help employees focus on the creative and challenging parts of their jobs.


Built for industry

We've worked in industrial companies so we understand the challenges they face with data integration.

Our AI systems are built to learn technical jargon and abbreviations directly from the documents, so they speak your company's specific language.

Confidentiality is key in industrial settings, so we can deploy on-premise if needed.

Industrial companies have many different use-cases in engineering, manufacturing, etc., so our tools are built to adapt to them flexibly with minimal setup effort.

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Tools built on knowledge


Search documents across synonyms, jargon, and related concepts.


Quantitatively analyze data extracted from your unstructured documents.


Scan news reports to notify users about events connected to their interests.


Classify documents using their content, e.g. for safety-critical issues.


Recommend products or content to users based on their preferences.


Extract the data or models using APIs to integrate them directly into your own tools.

Learning AI

We develop our AI technology in-house. That's a lot of work, but it means we can flexibily adopt the latest developments and help our customers do amazing things.

The AI learns about company-specific concepts and jargon directly from the documents without slow and costly ontologies.

The AI learns from users' behavior and feedback, so it's constantly improving and also capturing their expertise for the whole company.


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