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Accelerate your productivity with Curiosity

Enterprise teams struggle with knowledge locked in silos, legacy tools, and outdated search systems. Curiosity lets you easily find all your information with an unified search and out-of-the-box connectors.

Personalized search for your teams

One-search-to-rule-them-all is a myth. Increase your productivity by deploying personalized search for your teams and data.

Connected information

No data should be forgotten in a silo. Build your knowledge graph to help users search and explore information.

Unprecedented simplicity

The simplest deployment you'll ever manage. Deploy to the cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, or just download the executable, with stress-free future updates.

Powerful machine learning

Let the computers do the work for you. Use our out-of-the-box AI models to link, search, and recommend knowledge to your users.

Unlock your potential

Tap into the power of your connected knowledge


Easily sync all your data sources using built-in connectors or import data from your existing systems using our standard APIs.


Setting up a delightful search experience shouldn't take years. Create custom interfaces for your data, directly from the comfort of your browser.


Your knowledge is only powerful if your employees can find it. Use our AI-powered search to find and recommend similar documents to your users.

Connected data from everywhere

Enterprise data can be all over the place. Curiosity supports many data-connectors out of the box, and can easily be extended to your internal data sources with an uncomplicated API and graph-based access management.

Your employees deserve the best

Existing enterprise search platforms are complex, brittle, and expensive to maintain. Delight your employees with an integrated search experience designed for performance.

  • AI-powered search
  • Enterprise-ready
  • Easy to deploy, maintain and customize

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