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😻 Stay Ahead: What’s New in Your Favorite Desktop Search App

Curiosity’s new features bring a whole new level of excitement and discovery to your fingertips.

😸 Beyond ChatGPT — How to boost your productivity with Curiosity AI

Learn how you can use Curiosity’s AI Assistant to boost your productivity

💻 Introduction to RAG — GenAI Systems for Knowledge

Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) is reshaping how we use generative AI to work with information — as individuals and as teams. In this…

What’s New: Explore Curiosity’s Latest Feature Releases and Innovations

Stay up-to-date with the newest enhancements in the Curiosity app and get the best possible user experience.

10 Hottest Innovations to Kickstart 2024: Product Hunt’s Best Picks

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps in December — via ProductHunt.

🏆 Start the Year Right with the 10 Hottest Apps in January 2024

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps in January — via ProductHunt.

Top Apps in 2023: Best-of-the-best from Product Hunt

Explore the apps that captured hearts and screens alike in 2023 and join the buzz of tech innovation.

Unveiling Curiosity’s Latest Feature Releases and Updates

Discover the newest improvements in the Curiosity app — we’ve been working hard to give you the best experience.

How Can an AI-Powered Knowledge Management App Transform Your Data

Experience the game-changing benefits of an AI-powered Knowledge Management app for efficient knowledge organization and end chaos for…

Mastering Customer Engagement: How Can Asana Transform Your CRM

Watch your customer relationships thrive with Asana’s dynamic capabilities and revolutionize your business.

A Cost-Effective Alternative to Calendly: Discover neetoCal

With low-cost and high-impact, neetoCal offers a sustainable approach to affordable meeting scheduling and is a strong competitor for…

CRM Tools Demystified: Expert Tips for Making the Right Software Choice

Harness the Power of the Right CRM Software to Drive Productivity and Achieve Remarkable Results with Your Team

How to Download Images from Google Docs: 6 Simple Methods

A Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading Images from Google Docs

10 Hottest New Apps to Explore the Future of Tech As It Happens

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps in August — via ProductHunt.

10 Hottest New Apps to Stay Ahead of the Tech Curve 🏁🏆

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps in May — via ProductHunt.

10 Hottest New Apps to Supercharge Your Work: September’s Finest

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps in September — via ProductHunt.

10 Hottest New Apps Trending Right Now (June 2023 🏆)

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps in June — via ProductHunt.

10 Hottest Tech Tools: November’s Standout Apps on Product Hunt

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps in November — via ProductHunt.

10 Trendsetting Apps in July 2023: Discover The Hottest New Tech

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps in July — via ProductHunt.

4 Hottest CRM Tools to Elevate Your Customer Experience

Explore the best CRM tools available in the market and uncover the secrets to success with your business — be it big or small

Live Streaming in 2023: The Best Platforms to Choose From 📽️✨

From gaming to business, there’s a platform for every type of live streaming and audience — for you to take your content to the next level!

Trick or Tech: 10 Hottest New Apps from October to Transform Your Life

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps in October — via ProductHunt.

6 Best Browsers That Aren’t Google Chrome 🌟

Discover the best alternative browsers for your daily use and ditch Chrome for good.

Google Workspace for Education: Everything You Need to Know 🎓

Discover the successor of G Suite for Education and start using the best tools for learning, collaboration, and communication.

Discover the Top 5 VPN Tools and Learn How to Choose the Right One for You

Get online privacy and global access, and unlock the full potential of the Internet with VPNs.

Shield Your Digital Life: A Complete Guide to Securing Your Data Privacy

Everything you need to know about ensuring the privacy and security of your information online — and your customers’.

Curiosity and ChatGPT — 3 ways it helps you focus and get more done

The Curiosity app is now integrated with ChatGPT. Discover how it can save you save time with a ChatGTP-shortcut, auto-emails, and more. ⚡️

10 Hottest New Apps for the Tech-Savvy and Trendsetters 🏆💥

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps in April — via ProductHunt.

10 Hottest New Apps of the Season (March 2023 Top Launches🏆)

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps in March — via ProductHunt.

The 10 Fastest-Growing Apps in 2023 (some will certainly surprise you)

These promising apps are changing the future of work as we speak — and growing their numbers steadily. Get ready to be impressed! 🚀

Unlock the Power of Evernote: Expert Tips to Find Your Notes in Seconds

Find what you need, when you need it — learn how to search on Evernote like a pro and take back control of your productivity!

3 Simple Tips for a Distraction-Free Windows Workspace

Revitalize your work habits and reclaim your time in Windows for a more focused and efficient workday ✨

Get More Done with Microsoft 365 Copilot: Your New AI Work Assistant

Microsoft launches its next-generation AI with natural language processing — with a promise to ‘turn your words into the most powerful…

3 Hot App Tips for Writers that Aren’t Text Editors

Writing in the Digital Age can get overwhelming with AI generators like ChatGPT. But there are other apps to help you through — and no…

How to Create Beautiful AI-Generated Art Images With the Right Prompts

Imagine the impossible, create the unimaginable: Learn how to write perfect prompts for stable diffusion and generate stunning art with all…

How to Link Your Gmail Accounts

Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between multiple Gmail accounts: learn how to link them together for easy management!

How to Memorize Numbers: Unleash Your Inner Memory Master

From mnemonic devices to visualization, discover the best tips and tricks for improving your ability to memorize numbers and boost your…

CG — How to search Notion

“Unleash the Full Power of Notion Search: A Beginner’s Guide”

5 Must-Have Tech Skills for a Successful Career in 2023

Get ahead of the competition with the top in-demand tech skills in the job market for 2023

How to Answer Impossible Questions? Here’s What I did. Wait…

…I wasn’t alone on that task - Chat GPT came to my aid. See how AI answered life’s most unanswerable questions! 🤯

Best Project Management Tools in 2022: A Yearly Recap 🔥

Get ahead of the game in the new year with the ultimate list of the best project management tools so far in a special selection by G2.

Best B2B Software: The Top-Rated and Most Loved 🌟

Discover the crème de la crème with G2’s highest satisfaction product list. These top-rated software are sure to exceed your expectations —…

Get Ahead of the Game: Top 10 Software Picks to Boost Your Small Business in 2023

Discover the top software products for small businesses in 2023, chosen by experts at G2. Boost your productivity and growth!

Unleashing the Power of AI: An Interview with ChatGPT 🧠🤖

ChatGPT shares its thoughts on the potential of AI to surpass human intelligence, its benefits to society, and the challenges to come.

Why Everyone is Talking About ChatGPT: The Chatbot that’s Revolutionizing Communication 🤖

This chatbot is changing the game with its advanced language processing capabilities. Come and see for yourself! 🤯

A magic avatar created by AI: We Tested Another App Trend 😜

Dall-e,,, and now Lensa App — Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Art Game. What’ll be your next avatar?

How to Make Product Videos: A Simple Guide 🎬

Tutorials, guides, how-to’s: Product documentation is key to any business and can improve onboarding and customer support ✨

10 Hottest Apps that Can Change Your Life (February 2023🏆)

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps in February — via ProductHunt.

10 Hottest New Apps to Revolutionize Your Work Life in 2023 (December Winners 🍾)

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps this month — via ProductHunt.

10 Hottest New Apps to Try Right Away (November Edition 🏆)

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps this month — via ProductHunt.

10 Hottest New Apps to Watch Out For (January Edition 🏆)

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps in January — via ProductHunt.

11 Most Helpful Apps for Forgetful People

The perfect selection for you to never miss anything anymore.

15 AI Tools for Content Creators

Get AI help to make your marketing process more efficient, outperform competitors, and grow your audience 🤖

2022 in Review: What Happened at Curiosity 💫

We’re starting the new year with a look back at how the Curiosity app changed in 2022.

5 Simple SEO Strategies to Boost Your Clients’ Website Traffic

These five easy-to-implement SEO strategies will help your clients attract more website visitors, improve search engine rankings, and take…

Black Friday Deals: The 15 Best Apps in 2022 Now On Sale 🔥

Save big on these selected apps and supercharge your productivity before the year ends! 💰

The Hottest Product Hunt Award-Winning Apps That Made a Buzz in 2022 🔥 🏆

Discover the very best products in tech last year, directly from Product Hunt. There are fantastic and innovative software across different…

Are Electronic Signatures Safe and Legally Binding?

Find out more about the main concerns on e-signatures and its validity in court ⚖️

10 Hottest New Apps to Explore Immediately (September 2022 🏆)

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps this month — via ProductHunt.

10 Hottest New Apps to Try Now (October 2022 🏆)

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps this month — via ProductHunt.

5 Reasons for Remote Teams to Embrace Knowledge Management

Leading a remote team is hard work, but knowledge management can be the magic solution to many problems.

6 Best Electronic Signature Apps to Grow Your Business in 2022

Paperless solutions save businesses time and money, and are here to stay. But how to choose the right app? 💸

We Tested the Hot AI Trend Everyone is Talking About 🔥

The internet is going crazy about it. But is it worth it? We tried it and here’s how it went. 😎

8 Must-have Chrome Extensions for Remote Workers in 2022

Boost your productivity with a select list of add-ons for your Chrome browser

How to Search in PDFs: a Quick Guide

How to find anything in a PDF file or on multiple PDFs at once

Top 10 Apps for Project Managers in 2022

10 apps that will help you become productive with your projects

10 Hottest New Apps You Don’t Know Yet (August 2022)

Meet the 10 hottest apps this month — via ProductHunt.

What Is a Wiki Page in SharePoint?

How to get the best of Microsoft SharePoint and create the perfect Wiki.

How to Recover Deleted Emails in Gmail

Gmail allows you to retrieve any missing message within 30 days

7 Easy Email Hacks to Take Back Your Time

Small habits can make quite a difference in the long run, preventing you from wasting valuable time on emails. Find out how to improve this…

10 Hottest New Apps in July 2022 — ProductHunt Most Upvoted

If you’re like us, you’re always on the lookout for the hottest new apps. 🔥 🤩

Why do people quit jobs? Fixing a McKinsey chart in 3 steps

A chart in a recent, interesting McKinsey study made some weird data visualization choices. This post shows how to fix it in three steps.

How to Open a PST File on Mac?

This guide teaches you how to open a PST file on a Mac computer. It explains how to open a PST file with Microsoft Outlook. It also…

How to Search for an Exact Phrase in Outlook?

Follow this guide to learn how to search for an exact phrase in Outlook

Why We Left Corporate Jobs to Bootstrap a Startup

In 2018 Rafael and I quit our corporate jobs to found Curiosity. This is why we did it and what we learned — for others facing the same…

8 Great Productivity Apps for Windows — which ones do you know?

Meet eight amazing Windows apps that will help you boost your productivity.

7 More Awesome Note-Taking Apps in 2022 (the ones you didn’t know)

Learn about 7 more of the best note-taking apps to try in 2022, including some you might not have heard about.

6 Effects of Remote work: What Science Says and Some

Remote work has exploded over the past couple of years… and it’s here to stay.

10 Trusted Productivity Apps for Mac You Should Try Today

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you love a good productivity app. So do we. 🙌

8 Best Alternatives to Google Drive in 2022

Looking for an alternative to Google Drive? Look no further: In this post we introduce eight awesome cloud storage platforms to boost your…

10 top platforms that are helping people change the world

Do you want to change the world but don’t know how? Are you a business leader who’s heard of corporate social responsibility (CSR) but are…

Ten fastest-growing apps in 2022 (including some you don’t know)

The fastest-growing apps in 2022

6 Best Note-Taking Apps in 2022

We researched the six best note-taking apps you can use to boost your productivity.

5+1 Best Clipboard Managers for macOS

Clipboard managers can help you boost your productivity. Here are the five best ones for macOS. 📎

Curiosity Lifetime Deals — Now on Appsumo

Snag an awesome lifetime deal for Curiosity licenses — on Appsumo for limited time only!

6 Best Wiki Tools for Your Company in 2022

Sharing information in companies is more important than ever. Learn about six awesome wiki tools that can help your company get it better.

14 Best Productivity Apps for Students in 2022

This is our list of 14 top productivity apps for students to get more done and improve your grades. 🚀

How to save time with Curiosity as a free Clipboard Manager

Curiosity is a productivity app that works as a free clipboard manager for Windows/Mac to let you save and re-use things in your clipboard…

What I learned from a four-week social media detox

Getting more intentional with social media changed my life.

What to learn to be more productive — insights from XKCD comics

If you want to learn how to be productive but aren’t sure where to start, this post provides a framework using wisdom from the XKCD comics.

Make your day easier by connecting your calendar(s) with Curiosity

Curiosity is a search app that integrates with your calendar to make your day easier. Here’s how.

Four alternatives to Google that don’t spy on you

While we search things on the web, Google is collecting scary amounts of personal data about us. This post presents four alternative search…

Building web-apps in C# (part 1)

Sharing code between your front-end and back-end projects

Researchers: Focus and publish more with Curiosity

How to focus and increase your publications in top academic journals using Curiosity.

How Curiosity helps you get more done

Learn how the Curiosity app can help you overcome information overload and get more done.

Boost your productivity with the best Windows launchers for 2021

Using a launcher to quickly open programs and files is a great way to save time and boost your productivity. Every time you use one shaves…

Automagically organise your email with Curiosity

Have you ever wasted time searching your emails for an attachment or a contact? It can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you…

Succeed at College with Curiosity

Finding all you need for your lectures just got easier: Curiosity is now available for students and educators for just 1€ per month.

Search websites instantly with the Curiosity command bar

You know how you often need to quickly search something on the internet? And every single time you have to pull up a browser and type a…

Save time with custom search engines in Chrome

Learn how to add custom searches to Chrome to speed up your web searches.

5 ways to work smarter instead of harder

As remote work has become more common, the boundaries between work and private life are increasingly blurred. Chances are you aren’t…

6 advanced Windows shortcuts to supercharge your productivity

Using keyboard shortcuts instead of reaching for your mouse is an easy and effective way to increase your productivity. It might not seem…

Excel help: Troubleshooting problems with Index-Match

Index-match is a powerful Excel function, but it can be fiddly. This post explains how to fix common problems.

Index-Match: Give yourself Excel Superpowers with this vlookup alternative

vlookup is useful function but it has limitations. In this post you can learn how to level-up your Excel game and wow your colleagues with…

15+1 productivity apps for remote work

We put together a list of productivity apps to help you stay productive while working remotely.

6 ways to find absolutely anything with Curiosity

In our digital world we work with a lot of information scattered across apps. A well-known study found that people spend up to 20% of their…

7 simple Windows shortcuts to boost your productivity

There are a lot of productivity tools out there that we all love. However, there’s another powerful productivity hack that people often…

Want To Be More Productive? Clean Up Your Digital Workspace

Cleaning up your workspace can be one of the most powerful actions you can do to increase your productivity.

How to Search Outlook PST archives with Curiosity

You can quickly open and search Outlook archives with Curiosity. If you don’t want to install new software, you can also do it with Outlook…

5 ways to name your files so you can find them later

Finding files on your computer can be time-consuming and frustrating. That’s especially true if you were lazy while naming your files.

How to stay productive in home office

Working from home has become the normal. It can be a good thing but also poses some challenges. Here’s how to stay productive in home…

New productivity tools to try in 2021

There’s a lot of movement in the productivity space right now. Notion, Todoist, and Asana are household names, but there are also a lot of…

Why productivity tools can harm your productivity — and what to do about it

We all know the feeling when we found a new productivity app that finally solves all our problems. And then after a few days the first…

How to find files and apps in Windows 10

As hard drives get bigger and bigger and numerous apps enter our workspace, our computers get packed with apps, documents, and other files.

How to disable web suggestions in Windows 10

Have you ever searched for a document in the Windows Search Box and instead of finding what you need, Cortana opened a web search in Bing…

The 10 best productivity apps we use at Curiosity

Looking to be more productive at work? At Curiosity, we’re big fans of tools that improve our workflow and have tried a bunch of them…

A Day in the Life with Curiosity

How I use Curiosity to make my day in the office more productive

8 best desktop search apps in 2021

Looking for a better way to search your files and apps? Look no further: This post will guide you through the eight best desktop search…

Introducing Curiosity for Desktop

Got too many files in too many places? We’ve got you covered! We just launched our search desktop app to let you find everything, anywhere.

Crawling Yahoo! Answers for fun

As you probably already read on the news — Yahoo! Answers is closing doors… To be honest I’m surprised it took this long — I can’t…

Europe’s most innovative Enterprise Solution: Curiosity ✨

Curiosity’s team-centric AI-search earns prestigious industry recognition

5 ways search is killing your productivity

Is searching negatively affecting your workplace productivity? The ease of conducting a quick Google search often gives the illusion of…

How to Boost Employee Engagement with Better Search

Employee engagement. The ultimate enigma. Keeping our employees actively engaged in the workplace is essential for workflow optimization…

NLP in C# made easy with spaCy & Catalyst

I often see the question on how to do natural language processing from C#. Almost all NLP engineers end up using Java or Python , as the…

Rockstar feat. Source Code Generators

Be the Rockstar Developer you wish, from within your .NET source-code

The hidden cost of search

Do you know how much search is costing your team?

Building a news recommendation engine using Curiosity

We explore the MIND dataset to build a quick news recommendation engine from scratch using Curiosity

Exploring CodeProject With Curiosity

I was reading my email this morning, when I stumbled upon an interesting question in the daily newsletter from CodeProject, to which, like…

Intelligent Search for Customer Service Teams

Customer service teams often struggle to find information in data silos. Curiosity’s intelligent search helps improve efficiency and…

Building Search: NASA Library 🚀

How to build an AI-powered search in a day using Curiosity

It is time to modernize Enterprise Search

Search is something we all take for granted: Every day our searches of the internet are easy, comprehensive and instantaneous.

Curiosity’s COVID-19 Research Tool

Inspired by the CORD-19 challenge, we built an open tool to help answer medical questions about COVID-19. It offers search, similarity…

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