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Intelligent Search for Customer Service Teams

Intelligent Search for Customer Service Teams

Customer service teams often struggle to find information in data silos. Curiosity’s intelligent search helps improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Customer service is the face of the company

Customer service (CS) teams are an important point of contact between companies and their customers. Their performance has big impact on satisfaction and brand perception, so it’s essential to help them provide quick, reliable answers to customer questions.

Customer Service is the face of the company (Photo by Arlington Research on Unsplash)

CS is especially critical in industrial settings where customers routinely ask complex questions and use the answers to make technical decisions. For example, if a customer asks about the maximum operating temperature for an industrial machine, there is no margin for error.

However, despite their importance, CS teams often struggle to find the information they need.

Customer service teams struggle with legacy tools and information silos

Data is siloed and legacy tools can’t keep up

The amount of information in companies is growing at breakneck pace. It’s also usually spread across silos like CRMs, emails, document-management systems and shared drives.

Typical legacy search tools are slow and painful. They often include only some sources or ignore attachments, and updating them with new data sources can be very expensive.

Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash

We’ve seen CS teams in large companies using over 20 legacy tools and data sources, switching back and forth while scribbling down reference numbers, or scrolling through decades of old emails and network drives. Sometimes the only alternative is to hope that a colleague remembers an answer.

The result is long response times and wasted work

As a result, finding information to answer customer questions is often difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating.

That means longer response times and lower customer satisfaction. It also means CS teams are less efficient than they could be: They lose days or even weeks painstakingly searching for information. In addition, since there’s no easy way to tell if a question has been answered before they end up reinventing the wheel again and again.

In some cases, the lack of good search tools can even result in inconsistent or incorrect responses to customers.

Curiosity lets teams search across all their data sources

Intelligent search systems

Curiosity’s intelligent search systems help CS teams easily find the information they need.

Curiosity connects all the data sources CS teams need into one search, including internal sources (CRM, network drives, etc.) and external sources (websites, FAQs etc.). In some cases we’ve connected as many as 50 different data sources into one search system.

CS teams love the fast, intuitive interfaces and powerful features like filtering, bookmarking and sharing. Under the hood, NLP models (natural language processing) link the information to a knowledge graph and support users.

Curiosity’s intelligent search for customer service and knowledge graph (Curiosity 2020)

Search features for customer service teams

Curiosity includes a range of useful features for customer service teams right out of the box. They’re based on our AI-powered technology that combines natural language processing, graph database, and search in one system.

Intelligent search — Selected features (Curiosity 2020)

Case Study: Industrial Customer Service

The customer service group in an industrial company struggled to find information in decades of complex technical documents spread across 15 different sources.

Curiosity linked all the information into a single search system with over 7 million documents. Intelligent filters and information linking make it easy to find answers to customer questions.

Efficiency has improved by up to 10% from better reuse of existing answers and reduced search time.

Curiosity’s AI-powered search technology helps our team find highly technical information in millions of documents and sources. It’s changing the way we work.

  • Customer Service Innovation Project Leader

Photo by Aaron Barnaby on Unsplash

The result: Happy customers and happy management

Curiosity search helps CS teams make their customers and their management happy — the best of all possible worlds!

  • Increased customer satisfaction: With less time spent searching or reworking documents, teams can focus on what’s important — making customers happy.

  • More volume: Faster search helps teams handle more tickets without increasing hours or manpower.

  • Faster responses and more first-time-right: Better information means lower response time and less mistakes. In addition, better search frees up CS employees to ask better clarifying questions.

  • Consistent responses: Highlighting historical answers makes it easy to keep answers consistent across agents and products. Flagging outdated content also helps ensure that only up-to-date information is sent out.

What’s special about Curiosity?

Curiosity offers a unique combination of power, simplicity and security that sets it apart from other search solutions.

Powerful: Even combining millions of documents, search results are lightening fast. Unlike legacy tools, the cutting-edge AI is deeply integrated in the system, providing every team with their own knowledge graph and strong recommendations.

Easy: Curiosity is a batteries-included system that can be customised in days. It doesn’t require complex setups to coordinate between front-end, search indexing, storage, access-rights management etc. That means both setup and maintenance are easy and cost-effective, ensuring a fast ROI.

Secure: All the data in the system is encrypted with AES256 and access rights management means people only can see content they have access to. In addition, unlike most systems, Curiosity can be installed on-premises so no data ever needs to leave the company’s environment.


Curiosity is a software company that provides search solutions for global companies like Airbus and Telefónica.

Its unique search technology uses powerful AI, allows easy setup, and provides full data security. For Curiosity’s customers that means higher productivity, better decisions, and happier teams.

To try Curiosity for free, download it at Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to hear first about new features.

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