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Europe’s most innovative Enterprise Solution: Curiosity ✨

Europe’s most innovative Enterprise Solution: Curiosity ✨

Curiosity’s new paradigm of a team-centric search earns prestigious industry recognition

We’re excited to share that Curiosity has been named Best Innovation in Enterprise Solutions by the Europe 2021 DEVIES Award.

Curiosity is a Munich-based startup working on a new paradigm of enterprise search that focuses on teams instead of company-wide. This way, data and apps that are relevant for each team can be easily connected and searched, with more relevant results and without the usual long and costly projects that exist with traditional enterprise search solutions.

The only industry awards recognizing excellence in developer tools, products, and technology, the annual DEVIES Awards Europe recognizes the best innovations in developer technology across 9 distinct categories. The award honors outstanding developer & engineering products/technology and receives hundreds of nominations each year from a highly active developer community.

Curiosity**** is a great example of the new era of products and services allowing developers and engineers to have a greater impact on a company’s bottom line and overall efficiency.

Geoff Domoracki CEO of DevNetwork

Curiosity was acknowledged as the winner in the 2021 Enterprise Solutions category in Europe based on three criteria: technical innovation, adoption, and awareness. With a modern and AI-powered enterprise search that is used by Fortune 500 companies, Curiosity can be deployed in minutes anywhere, on the cloud or on-premises, using a single Docker container. It provides powerful features, enterprise-ready security, and multiple out-of-the-box integrations, while supporting custom data views and APIs to give new life to legacy enterprise applications.

Modern search that can be deployed in minutes 🚀

Curiosity will be presented their award at the 2021 DEVIES Awards Europe Ceremony on Tuesday, April 27, 2021.

Details about each finalist are available on the event home page.

About Curiosity

Searching for information at work is hard. We’ve seen first-hand how much time and frustration is wasted on simple search tasks that we take for granted elsewhere. Curiosity is on a mission to enable the 1B knowledge workers that struggle to find the information they need to do their jobs.

Curiosity aims to build search experiences that will be used, enjoyed, and loved — empowering employees on their daily jobs — with the data and apps they actually need.

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