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Introducing Curiosity for Desktop

Curiosity is now free for everyone ✨


Curiosity’s lets you find everything, in one place. Focus on your work, and leave behind the frustration of searching. Join our early access now and start finding!

How it started…

In today’s digital world, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the constant stream of new information and apps. Finding anything is difficult and frustrating, with lots of time wasted searching through emails, chats, apps and folders.

We spent the last three years developing the best enterprise search for companies. We saw this problem first hand while working at large corporates and it felt like a natural place to start. Search remains unsolved for most (if not all) large companies, with knowledge scattered across dozens of places and teams struggling to keep up.

We built Curiosity to be easy to set up, use and to handle the size and complexity of enterprise. Companies like Airbus already use Curiosity daily to find information.

However, as we talked to more and more people about Curiosity, we kept hearing the same questions: “This is awesome, can I get it for my own stuff too? “ or “I’ve so many emails, can I use Curiosity to help me?”

Search for everyone

That made us realize the problem is actually much bigger: It’s not just enterprises who struggle with search, it’s everyone! There is just no good way to search across files and apps. Even dedicated search apps won’t search on content or attachments. 😅

So we decided to take the next step and build an app that everyone can use, no matter if they’re in a large company or working by themselves.

The new app brings the power of Curiosity search for anyone. It gives you one place to find everything across your folders, apps like Gmail, Dropbox and Slack. And don’t worry, if you’re working in a company we also offer workplaces for sharing across teams.

Hello, Curiosity app

Ready to know in a glance what you can do with Curiosity?

🏃‍♀️ Quick st**art: Connect all your folders and apps in a few clicks, and get started searching everywhere.

🔍 Deep search: Search across apps and folders in one place, and upgrade to search not only on file names, but also deep inside documents or attachments.

🔐 Security: Everything is kept on your computer. We never see any of it!

Spaces: Organize your data around apps, contacts, organizations and more and focus your search on what’s relevant for your projects or interests.

🚀 Open from anywhere: You can quickly access Curiosity from anywhere, with the Alt+Space shortcut:

Curious to try?

To try Curiosity for free, download it at Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to hear first about new features.

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