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A Day in the Life with Curiosity

A Day in the Life with Curiosity

How I use Curiosity to make my day in the office more productive

The day starts with a cup (or two) of coffee and planning my day. I recently switched to just pen and paper to help me focus. If you prefer digital todo apps, here are some ideas.

Priorities for the day

The first thing today is a marketing presentation I already started. I’ll open Curiosity with Alt+Space and type its name… and there it is. Hitting Enter opens it so I can dive right in…

Find and open files

A while later the presentation is finished (enough) and I want to send it out to the client. I can’t remember one person’s name, but Contacts in Curiosity makes it easy to find their email via the organization.

Find a person and their email address (via organization)

Already time for lunch? The morning just flew by! I open Slack from Curiosity to ask my colleagues where we’re going today. I could just talk to them… but everyone’s wearing headphones. 🎧

Open Slack

Time for lunch

Back at the office I want to work on writing copy for several social media channels. I create a new document from the Command bar and start jotting down ideas.

Create a new document

The last thing for today is a series of meetings starting with a code-review and some onboarding calls. I’ll use the Command bar to jump to the first call.

After going over code and showing people how to get the most out of the Curiosity, it’s time to put my computer to sleep and it’s time to head off home!


And that’s one day in the life with Curiosity. What does your day look like?

See you tomorrow!

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