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The 10 best productivity apps we use at Curiosity

The 10 best productivity apps we use at Curiosity

Looking to be more productive at work? At Curiosity, we’re big fans of tools that improve our workflow and have tried a bunch of them. Here’s a curated list of with 10 of the tools we’ve relied on for years:


Keeping tracks of tasks and projects can be hard. Asana is a team collaboration and project management software that lets you organize work by creating projects, portfolios and assigning tasks to team members. You can also mark tasks as milestones or define dependencies. We tried other solutions before, but Asana is the one we stick to and actually use every day.


  • Task management: Organize, assign, and prioritize tasks in your team

  • Project management: Sort your projects in portfolios and see how they’re progressing in the board view

  • Tracking: Set milestones and stay up to date on what’s happening in your team

Pricing: Asana is free for personal use. Team tiers start at $10.99 per month per user.


Curiosity has relied on Slack since day one and we can’t imagine life without it. Slack is the perfect solution for quick communication. It lets you send direct messages to team members and organize topics in private and public channels. It also has a ton of integrations that come in handy, e.g. you can edit a Google Doc directly in Slack.


  • Messaging: Fast communication with add-on features like reminders to read messages later

  • Channels: Stay organized and create channels for different teams or topics

  • Integrations: Slack comes with more than 2,200 integrations to improve your workflow

  • Slack Connect: Easily collaborate with teams in other companies

Pricing: It’s free for small teams. Slack Pro starts at $6.67 per user and month.


Having a password manager is not only great to keep your data secure, it also speeds up logging into websites. You only need to remember your master password and 1Password will do the rest for you. If you use a lot of different tools and websites, this can easily add a few minutes to your day.


  • Security: Store all your passwords in one secure vault

  • Autofill: 1Password recognizes when you’re on a familiar website and will automatically fill the boxes

  • Team functions: Control permissions for different tools so everyone only sees what he/she should

Pricing: Personal pricing starts at $2.99 per month. Team features are available starting at $3.99 per month.


Zapier is an automation tool that connects with various apps. With Zapier, you can create automations that will perform everyday, monotonous tasks for you. Whenever an action is performed, it triggers a Zap that fills a form, sends an email, or whatever you choose to automate.


  • Automations: Outsource tedious tasks and focus on your most impactful work

  • Workflows: Multi-step automations such as Sign up → Save lead → send email

Pricing: $0 for 100 tasks a month, premium versions starting at $19.99 per month.


We recently discovered Loom and already love their simplicity. It’s not as powerful as others, but it’s perfect for simultaneous screen and video recording and some basic editing capabilities. At Curiosity, we use it to quickly shoot and edit product presentations.


  • Screen recording: Easily record your entire screen, selected tabs, or a custom-sized window

  • Video recording: Record your screen and webcam simultaneously to give your videos a more personal touch

  • Editing: Crop out bloopers, and add intros or end cards to your video

Pricing: You can record 5min entirely for free in the Starter pack. The Business with advanced recording and analytics costs $8 per creator and month.


Pipedrive is our central place for customer and lead interaction. It’s a relatively lightweight CRM that lets you keep track of all your conversations and meetings with (potential) clients. We especially love the workflow automations and email sync features.


  • CRM: Manage all communication with leads and deals in pipelines

  • Activities: Assign tasks, meetings, or custom activities to leads and deals to keep track of everything in one place

  • Automations: Create workflow automations that help you to work faster

Pricing: The Essential plan costs $12.50 per user per month up to $99.00 per user and month in the Enterprise plan.


Slite markets itself as communication tool for remote teams. At Curiosity, we use Slite as our knowledge base and collaborative note-taking. It’s simplicity and markdown editor is great if you’re in a client meeting and want to quickly jot down some notes. We’ve also recently started using it’s “public pages” for product documentation.


  • Remote handbook: Easily store company guidelines and**** others

  • Collaboration: Compose drafts and work on ideas together in real-time

Pricing: Slite is free up to 50 docs. Afterwards, the Standard version costs $6.67 per user and month.


Notion is not your typical note-taking app. It is a one-stop shop for project management, note-taking, and collaborative work. It’s really powerful yet can be intimidating for first-time users. At Curiosity, we use it for personal note-taking and manage work in Asana.

Source: Notion website


  • Project management: Organize your projects in Kanban boards, tables or lists

  • Note-taking: Easily jot down and structure ideas with their markdown editor

  • Wiki: Notion is extremely customizable but many teams use it to create one central knowledge base

Pricing: Notion is free for personal users. Team licenses start at $8 per member and month. Notion also offers Enterprise solutions with advanced security options.


Writing back-and-forth emails to schedule meetings can be time-consuming. Calendly aims to reduce the headache of finding the right time slots. Just add your availabilities to Calendly. Once that’s done, you can share your Calendly link and people can find a convenient time.


  • Scheduling: Set availability preferences and let others book meetings to your calendar

  • Workflows: Trigger actions based on booked meetings, e.g. automatically send emails reminders to invitees

  • Buffering: Set buffer times to avoid meetings overlap and last-minute bookings

Pricing: After the free 14-day trial, paid plans of Calendly start at $8 per user per month. For Enterprise plans, there is custom pricing.


Disclaimer: We’re the makers of Curiosity

Yes, we’re biased. But Curiosity’s search is one of the most powerful ways to double your productivity. Instead of wasting time searching for files and messages, Curiosity finds everything across all your local files and apps so you can get more done.


  • Powerful search: Search deep inside file content and attachments instead of just file names

  • Integrations: Curiosity connects with with Dropbox, Slack, Gmail, and others.

  • Spaces: Keeping track of projects can get messy. Organize your data, contacts, emails and more in Spaces, and search only on what’s relevant for your projects or interests.

  • Security: All your data stays safe on your computer. We never get to see any of it.

Pricing: Curiosity is free for personal users, with paid upgrades for Pro, Teams, and Enterprise versions.

To try Curiosity for free, download it at Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to hear first about new features.

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