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How to find files and apps in Windows 10

How to find files and apps in Windows 10

As hard drives get bigger and bigger and numerous apps enter our workspace, our computers get packed with apps, documents, and other files.

The ability to save everything on our computers is great, but it can make it hard to find files and folders. Ever had that feeling when you know you saved a document but just can’t remember where you stored it?

Luckily, there are solutions to this problem. Windows has some features to easily search for files on your computer. You can either type a query in the search bar or use the file explorer to locate files. Here’s how:

  1. Hit the Windows button on your keyboard or click into the search bar next to the Windows icon in your taskbar.

  2. Type the file name, folder, or app you’re looking for.

  1. Windows will provide you with search results from your local computer and the web. If you don’t want web results, here’s how** to disable them.

Search your computer with File Explorer

  1. Hit the Windows key and type File Explorer. Select File Explorer from the results.

  1. If you have files and folders that you frequently open, add them to Quick Access on the left pane to find things even faster.

  1. To search for your files, type your query in the search in the upper right-hand corner of the File Explorer.

  1. Files that match your query should now populate in the results below.

Find files and messages across your computer and cloud apps with Curiosity

If you want get a step further and also want to search in your favorite cloud apps, Curiosity gives you a powerful search to find everything. It integrates with Dropbox, Gmail, Slack and others so you can access your files and messages from anywhere.

  1. Install Curiosity from here and sign up for free.

  2. Connect the data sources you want to search

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut Alt + Space to open Curiosity from anywhere. Search for your files, and even file contents, across all connected apps and folders.

  1. Stay curious!

That’s it for today! We hope that these tips help you to find your work faster.

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