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How to stay productive in home office

How to stay productive while working from home

Working from home has become the normal. And it can be a good thing. A recent study found that working from home can actually increase productivity. If done right, it can be a good model to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

However, there also some downsides to constantly working from home. Distractions like kids, dogs, or doing the laundry can make it hard to focus on the tasks at hand.

So, how can you stay productive in home office? We put together a survival list of the most helpful tips we found:

1. Keep your office work schedule

When you don’t have to commute to work, you have some extra time on your hands. It seems like you have more time to work now. But wait! While this may add some time to work in the short term, it will drain your energy long term. Set rules yourself when you’re working and when you will stop working. It is easy to get trapped into more work and let it blend with your private life.

2. Act like you’re working from the office

Are you jumping out of bed and heading straight to your computer? That’s a bad habit. Force yourself to get ready for a regular work day. Shower, brush your teeth and dress up like a grownup. It will also makes you feel more professional and boost your confidence. Also, why not taking a walk outside and put off some stress? It is easy to neglect your health in these difficult times. But if you use your commute time to get out or do some exercise, you will reduce stress levels and increase your productivity.

3. Have a dedicated workspace

The environment we work in has a huge impact on our productivity. It is best to reserve a space for a specific activity. So don’t eat at your desk and don’t work on your sofa. Having a dedicated workspace will help your brain to go into work mode faster. Also embrace a clean-desk policy for yourself and make sure to keep your desk tidy throughout the day. If you want to get a step further, consider to get a comfortable chair and a height-adjustable desk. It will save you from back pain which is a huge productivity killer.

4. Stay connected with your colleagues

Working from home can make you feel isolated from what’s happening in your company. With tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams you can stay connected and check in with others in your team. At Curiosity, we use Slack for any ad-hoc communication, Asana for task and project management, and Microsoft Teams for daily standups to ensure everyone is on the same page.

5. Don’t get stressed by app overload — Use Curiosity to find everything

We’re increasingly working with a load of (productivity) apps and it is only getting worse. As we wrote in another article, people use up to 35 apps at work. This makes it hard to find information and the constant task switching harms your productivity.

With Curiosity, you can search for all your files and messages across your local folders and favorite cloud apps. Thus, you’ll avoid the frustration clicking through network drives and start finding the work you need.

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