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New productivity tools to try in 2021

New productivity tools to try in 2021

There’s a lot of movement in the productivity space right now. Notion, Todoist, and Asana are household names, but there are also a lot of new exciting apps entering the market.

Here are some of our favorite newcomer productivity apps:


Friday is a platform for asynchronous collaboration in your team. Instead of only creating tasks and projects, however, it encourages you to plan your day using the Planner mode. In Routines, you can track updates like daily standups and other meetings. Friday positions itself as thoughtful communication tool on top of the ad-hoc communication in Slack.


It’s like Notion and Asana had a child. With Walling, you can manage projects, capture ideas, and organize work within your team. Similar to Notion’s blocks Walling comes with walls. Its flexibility and minimalistic design makes it a real competitor to other note-taking and project management tools out there.


Notiv is a collaborative meeting app that helps you to run effective meetings. Meetings often lack a clear agenda, people are busy taking notes, and follow up tasks are loosely defined. And that is exactly where Notiv comes in. It automatically sends an agenda to all participants, records and transcribes the meeting, and summarizes the main takeaways using it’s AI technology. Notiv also automatically assigns follow up tasks for all attendees.

Source: Notiv


Motion combines several apps you likely already use into one. It comes with a 1-click calendar that combines your accounts and lets you open any event across multiple calendars. You can easily schedule meetings by building a custom booking page or copy and paste your availabilities. If you’re struggling with 37 browser apps open at a time, then Motion also helps you with an integrated tab manager. The only downside is that it costs a hefty $25/month.

Source: Motion

Tempo 2

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by email? Tempo keeps distractions away from you and sends you batches of email that you can work on in one session. What we like about Tempo 2 is the minimalistic design and the separation of inbox, reminders, and to do’s. Best of all, Tempo has deep support for keyboard shortcuts. Once you learned them, you can fly through your emails in no time.

Source: Tempo 2

Keeping it all together with Curiosity

Productivity apps are great, but they also add more friction to our workflows. Curiosity gives you one place to search and organize all your favorite apps. It searches across all your data sources and lets you organize projects, people, and organizations in Spaces. With Commands, you can also open applications, only search in specific applications, or send an email all from the Curiosity search bar. Best of all, Curiosity is free, with paid versions for pro features.

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