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6 advanced Windows shortcuts to supercharge your productivity

6 advanced Windows shortcuts to supercharge your productivity

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Using keyboard shortcuts instead of reaching for your mouse is an easy and effective way to increase your productivity. It might not seem like much but shaving off a few seconds every time you do something can save you a substantial amount of time in the long run.

If you’re just starting out, check out our earlier post where we talk about some more basic Windows shortcuts. Then come back here to learn advanced shortcuts that will supercharge your productivity:

Add a new virtual desktop (Win + Ctrl + D)

Virtual desktops are a handy way to store applications and open files that you don’t use right now but might need at a later point. Clicking **Win + CTRL + D** will create a new virtual desktop which is basically a secondary screen. With **Win + Tab** an overview of all virtual desktops opens and with **Win + CTRL + arrow** you can quickly switch between them.

Minimize all tabs (Win + M)

It can get overwhelming to have a lot of tabs open. With **Win + M** you can minimize all tabs at once so you can see your clean desktop. If it’s not clean yet, check out our blog post on how to clean up your digital workspace. To restore the tabs hit **Win + Shift + M** and return to work.

Create a split screen (Win + arrow keys)

If you’re working in two windows and want to view them side by side you can use the split screen feature in Windows.

Just open a windows and hit **Win + ←** to snap the window to the left half of the screen. Then open another app and hit **Win + →** to fill the right part of the screen.

Use the Magnifier (Win + (+/-))

Ever had a picture or a document where you couldn’t read anything because it’s too small? Open the magnifier with **Win + +** or **Win + -** . With that you can zoom in and out in every screen you have open.

Open the task manager directly (Ctrl + Shift + Esc)

In case an app crashes or is hogging memory, the task manager is your best choice to kill it. You’re probably familiar with the **CTRL + Alt + Del** option to open a menu where you can open the task manager. If you want to skip a step there just click **CTRL + Shift + Esc** to open task manager directly.

Bonus: Add emojis (Win + . )

While being productive is all well and good, we also all need some some fun... and what could be more fun with emojis? 😄 To call up the emoji menu just hit W**in + .** (Win + period)

We hope you’ve found this helpful.

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