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Succeed at College with Curiosity

Succeed at College with Curiosity

Finding all you need for your lectures just got easier: Curiosity is now available for students and educators for just 1€ per month.

College is amazing… but it can also be stressful

College is an amazing time where you meet new people and learn new things (and the parties aren’t bad either). But it can be hard to keep up with all your assignments, especially now that most classes are online.

It doesn’t help that there are always notes, reading assignments, and group projects and everything is spread everywhere.

How Curiosity can help with classes

With Curiosity you can quickly find all you need. That helps you manage your coursework and gives you more time to enjoy student life.

Find everything in one place

Instantly find the right page in the right document, whether it’s on your computer, cloud storage or attached to an email.

Quickly find research papers

Collaborate effortlessly

Group assignments just got easier: Whether your teammates use Dropbox, Google Drive, or email, you can search it all with one shortcut.

Connect Google Drive to work on group assignments

Research at your fingertips

Search Google Scholar, arXiv, PubMed and other academic resources instantly with a shortcut.

Search arXiv directly from Curiosity

Better grades for less than the price of a beer

It’s a huge relief to be able to find everything with Curiosity so I can focus on on my coursework. — Julia, student in Munich

Curiosity Pro is now available for students and educators for just 1€/month. That means you get all the Pro features for less than the price of a beer!

Curiosity Pro lets you:

  • Search deep inside document contents (in addition to file names)

  • Connect as many apps as you need

  • Search in the text of scanned documents

To get the discount, download the app and use your university email to log in. Then click the “Upgrade” button in the left menu to go Pro — the reduced price will show during checkout.

Please note the subscription period eligible for the student discount is calculated on a 6-months basis.

Student discount in Curiosity

Curiosity for Students aims to help you reduce the stress of college, get better grades and still have time to enjoy yourself.

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