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Automagically organise your email with Curiosity

Automagically organise your email with Curiosity

Have you ever wasted time searching your emails for an attachment or a contact? It can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you have lots of contacts and emails.

Fortunately that’s now a thing of the past: Curiosity automagically organises your contacts and email across accounts.

Contacts organised in Curiosity

Here are five annoying questions that often come up with emails:

  1. Who do I know at Acme Corp?

  2. What was the last document version I sent?

  3. When was my last meeting with Will?

  4. Where did Will send that attachment?

  5. What’s Will’s email address?

In this post we’ll explain how you can answer all of them easily with Curiosity. Let’s jump right in!

Who do I know at Acme Corp?

Reaching out to a new organisation, you might wonder if you know anybody there. With Curiosity it’s easy to find out: Click on Contacts and search for the organisation. Click on it to see all your contacts there. Simple!

Finding contacts in an organisation

What was the last document version I sent?

If you deal with someone over a long time, keeping track of documents can be tough. Curiosity gives you an easy overview of all the files you exchanged with a person or organisation. Go to the contact and click on the to the Emails or Files tab to get a handy overview.

Finding documents for a contact

When was my last meeting with Will?

If you’ve ever wondered: “Should I follow up already or is it too soon?” then this one is for you.

Just open a contact and click on the Calendar tab to see your past and upcoming meetings with them. And the best thing: It works for entire organisations as well as people!

Finding meetings with a contact

Where did Will send that file?

If you use a chat messenger (e.g. Teams or Slack) as well as email, it can be hard to remember where someone sent you a file. That can lead to frustrating searches across different accounts.

With Curiosity you don’t need to know where the file was sent. Just open the person’s profile and click on Files to see all the files connected to them. You can also find Messages and Emails. And the best is: Curiosity combines the information linked to a contact across your apps.

Finding messages from a contact — across accounts

What’s Will’s email address?

Sometimes you want to send someone an email and you know they’re in your inbox or calendar, but their email address isn’t coming up in autocomplete. With Curiosity you can search for the person’s name, click to copy their email, and you’re done!

Email address for a contact

Summary: Automagically organised contacts

Now you know how Curiosity can help you automagically organise your contacts so you can:

  • See all your contacts at an organisation

  • Combine contacts and organisations across accounts

  • See emails, files, and meetings for each contact

  • Quickly get email addresses for your contacts

With your contacts organised, you can save time and focus on getting things done.

Remember that all of this happens safely and privately on your computer: You’re the only one who can see your contacts and data (learn more).

A final thought: Isn’t this a CRM system?

If you’re thinking this sounds a lot like a CRM system, you’re absolutely right (CRM = “customer relationship management”). However, there are also differences between Curiosity and a fully-blown CRM.

One the one hand, dedicated CRM systems like Hubspot or Pipedrive have extensive features for tracking deals through stages of a sales pipeline. Curiosity doesn’t do that, focusing instead on helping you what you need.

On the other hand, to see emails in a CRM system you need to forward them or sync your account. With Curiosity you don’t need to do that. That means you can skip the extra step and don’t have to worry about your team seeing private emails.

What’s more, Curiosity includes emails that aren’t in the CRM system (e.g. because they’re unrelated to sales) and combines different accounts, e.g. private and work accounts.

To summarise: Curiosity does some things CRMs also do, but they’re actually complementary. In the future we plan to extend that with integrations for popular CRM systems, so stay tuned!

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