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How Curiosity helps you get more done

How Curiosity helps you get more done

Learn how the Curiosity app can help you overcome information overload and get more done.

It’s no secret that we all suffer from information overload in the workplace: There are too many emails and files spread across too many apps for anyone to cope with.

As a result, we waste time with frustrating searches. We bounce between emails and calendars and get distracted. And it’s not even our fault: It’s just how the modern workplace has evolved.

At Curiosity we believe there’s a better way to work. The Curiosity app helps you overcome information overload by putting the information you need at your fingertips. That lets you focus and be more productive. You can download Curiosity for free from our website.

Here’s how it works.

Launch things instantly

How many times a day do you grab your mouse to open a new app or start a video call? Each time it only takes a few seconds, but it really adds up.

With Curiosity you can launch everything instantly with the **Alt + Space** shortcut (**Option + Space** on Mac). Just start typing the program’s name and hit **Enter**. No more wasted time, no more distractions.

For meetings, Curiosity shows your upcoming events under the command bar. All you have to do is hit **Enter** and click on the video call. Boom. 💥

Launch programs instantly

Create documents faster

Do you find yourself scrambling to create a new document during meetings or calls?

Curiosity lets you create new documents at the speed of thought: Hit **Alt + Space** to open Curiosity, type **New** and hit **Enter**. Then focus on your meeting. 🚀

Create documents faster

Find everything easily

Clicking through folders or emails to find a file is a frustrating waste of time.

Curiosity gives you one place to connect all your apps and find everything easily. Not only can you search all your apps and attachments, but smart filters help you pinpoint exactly the file you need.

With Curiosity Pro you can even search inside the text of documents (including scans) so you never need to scratch your trying to remember the file name again.

Find things easily

Automagically organize things by contacts

Finding an email attachment can mean scrolling backwards through conversations. There are few things more annoying.

With Curiosity, your contacts from all your email accounts are neatly sorted in one place. To find the emails and files they sent, just click on the contacts. You can even see everyone in an organization at a glance.

Get emails, files, and meetings organized by contact

Get more done with Curiosity

We all start work in the morning planning to do awesome things. So it’s frustrating how often we leave work wondering what we actually managed.

At Curiosity we want to help you overcome that. By putting the information you need at your fingertips, you can finally get your head above water and focus on the things that matter.

So what are you waiting for? Download Curiosity for free today.

To try Curiosity for free, download it at Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to hear first about new features.

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