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Make your day easier by connecting your calendar(s) with Curiosity

Make your day easier by connecting your calendar(s) with Curiosity

*Curiosity is a search app that integrates with your calendar to make your day easier. Here’s how.*

If you work in any kind of office or freelancing job, the calendar is probably one of the first apps you open in the morning. With so much happening so fast, it’s the best (and often only) way to stay on top of meetings.

Personally, I have zero chance without my calendar: If an event isn’t in my calendar, it might as well not exist.

Since calendars are so important in our day-to-day lives, making them better can have a big impact. That’s where Curiosity comes in.

**Curiosity connects with your Outlook or Google calendar(s) to save you time and make your day a bit easier.**

Here’s how.

Connect Curiosity to your calendars to make your day easier

Connect your calendars

The first step is to connect your Outlook or Google calendar(s) to Curiosity. You can find out how in the user guide (it’s really easy as you can see in the GIF).

Connecting a Google calendar to Curiosity

As always, your data stays safe and is only shared between your computer and your calendar provider (e.g. Google Calendar).

1. Search across several calendars

The first thing you can do with Curiosity for calendars find your meetings (GIF).

You can also connect several calendars and search them all in one place. That’s handy if you have separate family and work calendars, for example. It even lets you search in meeting attachments (Pro feature).

Search meetings with Curiosity

2. Launch your next meeting with a shortcut

You can also use Curiosity to see your upcoming meetings and instantly jump into video calls (GIF). We use this one a lot — it’s a really handy way to get into quickly.

To do this, hit Alt+Space to open the command bar and you’ll see your upcoming meetings in the dropdown. Use the arrow keys to scroll down to your meeting and hit Enter to launch the meeting…. and hey presto! 🚀

See and launch meetings with Curiosity

3. See all your meetings with a contact

Finally, you can use Curiosity to get an overview of all your meetings with a contact (person or org). That’s handy if you can’t remember the last time you spoke to somebody or who was in a client meeting. It’s like a mini-CRM that’s generated automatically from your calendar (GIF).

To see all your meetings with a contact, select in Contacts (or search for them) and click on the Events tab.

See all your meetings for a contact using Curiosity

Bonus sneak preview: Manage calendars

Finding and starting meetings is great, but it’s just the beginning. 🐣

In the future we want to make the Curiosity calendar integration even more useful. For example, we’d love to be able to edit our calendars and accept/forward meetings without having to switch tools… so keep your eyes peeled!

To try Curiosity for free, download it at Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to hear first about new features.

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