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How to save time with Curiosity as a free Clipboard Manager

How to save time with Curiosity as a free Clipboard Manager

*Curiosity is a productivity app that works as a free clipboard manager for Windows/Mac to let you save and re-use things in your clipboard. Here’s how I use it to be more productive.*

Curiosity for Clipboards

What‘s a clipboard manager and why do I need one?

Clipboards are the unsung heroes of our computers.

Every time you copy or cut something, your computer saves it to the clipboard. When you hit paste, it inserts from the clipboard. Clipboards are an awesomely useful productivity tool. 📋

The big drawback of clipboards is that they store only one thing at a time. I’m sure you know that feeling when you hit paste… only to realise it’s the wrong text because you copied something else in-between.

That’s where clipboard managers come in. They let you save and search your clipboard history. And Curiosity does just that.

Get Curiosity for your clipboard in two clicks

Curiosity is a productivity app that lets you search all your apps in one place. You can also use it as a clipboard manager.

To get started, download and install Curiosity. Then it’s literally just two clicks to connect your clipboard (GIF).

Connect Clipboard with Curiosity

Three ways to save time with Curiosity for clipboard

So now you’ve installed Curiosity and connected your clipboard (you did do that, right? 😉)… what do you use it for?

Here are three ways I use Curiosity for clipboards to get more done.

1. Save time by avoiding re-copy mistakes

Don’t you hate it when you hit* paste*, only to realise it’s the wrong text because you copied something else in-between?

When that used to happen, I’d to go back to wherever I’d been and re-copy the text (grumbling all the way).

Now I launch Curiosity with Alt + Space, filter for clipboard with <, and scroll back to the entry I need. That lets me avoid wasting time finding the right snippet to copy… not to mention the frustration.

Avoid re-copying by going back in your clipboard history

2. Switch apps less often by taking several screenshots

Another way I use Curiosity is taking multiple screenshots of UIs/websites, for example when writing blogs.

In the past that meant switching back and forth several times between the website (screenshot) and the blog post (paste).

Nowadays, I can stay on the website and take all the screenshots I need. Then I switch over to the blog and use Curiosity to scroll through all the saved screenshots, copy-pasting as I go.

Less switching between apps saves time and helps me avoid getting distracted (that’s a big one for me!).

Save time by switching apps less often

3. Pin useful snippets for quick access

A third way I used Curiosity for clipboards is for useful snippets. There are a few URLs and text snippets I copy-paste a lot (e.g. our download website).

Before Curiosity, I’d need to go back to the browser and copy them every time, or keep a text file open somewhere.

Now I can pin them to the top of my clipboard. That lets me grab them instantly by opening Curiosity with the keyboard shortcut Alt + Space — saving me from the repetitive copying.

Pin useful snippets for quick access

Free and safe

The best thing about using Curiosity as a clipboard manager is that it’s completely free, forever! To try it, download the app for Windows/Mac here.

Since we know your clipboard can contain sensitive information, we built Curiosity around data security. Your data always stays safe on your computer and only you can see it. Learn more about our security measures on our website.

One safe search for all your apps… and clipboard

And that’s it! I hope this helped understand how you can save time by using Curiosity as a clipboard manager.

Of course, Curiosity does much more: It gives you one search for all your apps, lets you instantly launch meetings and programs, and more. Always while keeping your data safe on your computer.

One search for all your apps

Head over to our blog and website to learn more about how to save time with Curiosity. We’d also love to hear from you on Twitter!

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