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What Is a Wiki Page in SharePoint?

What Is a Wiki Page in SharePoint?

How to get the best of Microsoft SharePoint and create the perfect Wiki.

Microsoft SharePoint is a great, versatile tool that can help organizations in many ways — and nothing compares to the possibilities of having your own Wiki page in SharePoint.

What is a Wiki page in SharePoint? Keep reading to find out:

  1. What is a Wiki?

  2. What is a Wiki in SharePoint?

  3. Why do you need a Wiki page in SharePoint?

  4. How to create a Wiki page in SharePoint?

  5. How to make SharePoint searchable with Curiosity?

  6. How to create the perfect Wiki page in SharePoint

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What Is a Wiki?

A Wiki page is a website designed for users to store, organize, and share information in a manner that’s easy to digest. Simply put, it is a collaborative knowledge base, similar to “Wikipedia,” the internet’s largest interconnected encyclopedia resource.

What Is a Wiki in SharePoint?

A Wiki page in SharePoint is a flexible type of page you can create to collaborate and share content with your team quickly.

Its instant, flexible, and global appeal, allied to the capacity to gather knowledge as a community, is what makes it such an impressive tool!

Why Do You Need a Wiki Page in SharePoint?

✔ Share large volumes of information ✔ Add new pages, modify or remove outdated ones ✔ Gather and easily share ideas about a project ✔ Link Wiki pages together ✔ ️Facilitate teamwork and collaboration ✔ Quickly access important information ✔ Have accurate, up-to-date business information ✔ Stay organized

How to Create a Wiki Page in SharePoint

Follow these steps to create a new Wiki page using the New Page option.

1. Click the settings gear icon and choose “Add a page.”

2. Enter the name for the Wiki page in the textbox.

3. Click on Page Details to edit the Wiki description, thumbnail, and custom properties.

4. Click on Publish to post your page online. You’ll be able to see your Wiki’s address on the bottom right side of the pop-up window.

There you go! Now you’re ready to boost your team with its own Wiki! 🥳

Keep reading to find out how to make a Wiki searchable and how to create the perfect Wiki page in SharePoint — we bring you some guidelines!

How to Make SharePoint Searchable with Curiosity

Curiosity is an organizational app with an advanced search feature that lets you search and manage your files, emails, and apps — all in one place.

If you’re using SharePoint, you could use Curiosity to organize your content and search your Wiki page. The app provides a blazingly fast search for content and never downloads any data.

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How to Create the Perfect Wiki Page in SharePoint

To create the perfect and most effective Wiki page in SharePoint, here are some guidelines:

1. Use Proper Categorization and Tagging

Tag your content and organize it in categories. This makes it easier to locate resources, and keeps the pages organized.

Don’t assign multiple categories to a single article. Doing this will clutter your Wiki and make it difficult to navigate.

2. Observe Content Hierarchy

Each page in your Wiki should link to the other internal pages containing related information about the subject.

This may seem obvious, but putting pages where readers expect to find them can make the search easier.

3. Use Crosslinking

Link articles from related categories and go from one Wiki page to another without difficulty.

If you mention a specific keyword related to a given page, add a link to it. This way, users can find additional information on it.

4. Utilize Search Optimization

Focus on optimizing certain keywords your team often uses when searching through your Wiki.

This can help you simplify the search process immensely — not to mention the benefits of integrating your Wiki search with Curiosity!

To Sum It Up

In SharePoint, a Wiki page is essentially a flexible type of page you can create to easily collaborate and share content with your team.

An enterprise Wiki makes it easy for your team members to access important information without having someone track it down and forward it to them. On top of that, it ensures your business information is accurate and up to date while keeping your pages organized.

We hope your new Wiki page can improve productivity at work, and that Curiosity can make it even faster! 😉

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