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8 Must-have Chrome Extensions for Remote Workers in 2022

8 Must-have Chrome Extensions for Remote Workers in 2022

Boost your productivity with a select list of add-ons for your Chrome browser

If you work from home, chances are that you spend a good part of your online day navigating in a browser. After all, the internet is where it’s happening, right?

Google Chrome knows it too, and it has a Web Store filled daily with new add-ons to improve your experience on the browser. But the high volume of extensions available can be a bit overwhelming and, let’s say it, excessive: the last thing you want is to overload your computer with extra features that will only burden your CPU usage.

So we bring you here a hand-picked selection of the best Chrome extensions worth having to improve your daily working routine in 2022.

Note: they can all be found in the Chrome Web Store.

Curiosity: One search for everything

Our Top selection of Chrome Extensions for Remote Workers in 2022

1. Grammarly

Write mistake-free on the web with real-time suggestions

Image from Grammarly

If you’re still not using a grammar check, you need Grammarly. Right away. We all know that typos happen and that sometimes we cannot see easy mistakes, but all of this can be prevented with this extension.

Grammarly not only proofreads everything you type online, it also gives tips on spelling, punctuation, clarity, and writing styles. The app works practically everywhere in your browser: Google Docs, Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Slack, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Medium, and Notion are just some of the supported pages.

This way, you don’t have to spend so much time reviewing everything you’re working on — and also won’t get embarrassed by it!


Search faster and highlight the Web

Image from LINER

LINER is ‘the pen that was missing for your online pages’.

With this extension, you can highlight any web page, image, and PDF as you would do with a regular book. It also works on YouTube, where you can mark moments to review later.

The tool lets you add notes, collect, and manage all your insights in one place — so that you can work quickly and in a smart way.

3. Mouse Gesture Events

Control your browser faster and easier with gestures

Some of the gestures available with Mouse Gesture Events

Mouse Gesture Events may seem like just a simple accessory, but this Chrome extension may be what stands between a regular user and a fast-paced remote worker.

By using mouse movements, this add-on allows you to control your browser swiftly and naturally, without needing to think about any command. Just click and swipe and you’re on the next page. Swipe to the other side and you’re back. Another swipe down and the tab is closed.

Yes, there are more complete plugins available on Chrome Web Store — with extra movements and commands, but its tiny size (only 20 KB), readiness, and ease of use are what make Mouse Gesture Events our choice for this starter-pack remote worker list. Once you’re settled, you can always go further.

4. uBlock Origin

A fast, effective, and free ad blocker

Image from uBlock Origin

We don’t even realize we need this tool until we have seen it at work — or, better phrased, till we don’t see anything other than what we need on screen.

uBlock Origin is a free, open-source Chrome extension that blocks ads, tracking, ad server lists, malicious URLs, and other filters that you can enable if you wish. This way, you get to focus on the job ahead and let the plugin do wonders in the backstage.

With low CPU and memory usage, this efficient blocker definitely needs to be on your list.

Intermission: Curiosity

If you’re into productivity add-ons, why not download Curiosity for free?

Curiosity is a productivity tool that gives you one search tool for all your files and apps. That saves time and lets you avoid frustrating searches.

Curiosity connects with the tools you already use, including your files and messages as well as cloud apps like Dropbox or Slack. Unlike other search apps, it keeps all your data safe on your computer.

Curiosity is available for free on Windows and Mac. You can also get a free trial of Curiosity Pro for unlimited sources and search-in-files.

So why not download Curiosity today?

5. Toby for Chrome

Organize your browser tabs and access them quickly anywhere

Image from Toby for Chrome

Toby for Chrome aims to solve the usual problem of many remote workers: the infinity of open tabs in Google Chrome.

The extension allows you to create and manage different tab collections, by providing a visual workspace that’s both easy to navigate daily, to access, and to automatically sync to other desktops.

This saves you time and tidies up your browser, allowing you to work on different projects at your preferred time — without losing an important web page or not ever finding it again.

6. Save to Pocket

Capture articles, videos, and anything else you find on the web

Image from Save to Pocket

Sometimes bookmarks or tab managers aren’t enough. If saving something to read later is important for your work, why not Save to Pocket?

This extension organizes every content that you wish to keep at hand in a clean, distraction-free space that you can access from all devices. Contents include articles, images, videos, links, news, stories, recipes, memes, and so on, really whatever it is that you want to keep.

And it’s very simple to use: you can either save content by clicking the Pocket button in the toolbar, with a right-click from the mouse, or through a keyboard shortcut.

7. Todoist for Chrome

Organize work and life with Todoist for Chrome

Image from Todoist

Of course, working out of the office is not a simple task. It involves some maturity in task organization that we might not all possess. Todoist is a simple, functional extension that can help you stay on track with all the work demands and avoid procrastinating at once.

It integrates with everything, and you can schedule and set recurring tasks, add deadlines, save websites on a reading list, and quickly plan your work day. Best part of this add-on? You don’t need to leave your browser window to mark action items as completed. It is as easy as it gets.

8. Clockify Time Tracker

Track time from anywhere on the web and improve productivity

Image from Clockify

Our last pick is a Chrome tool that helps from beginning to end.

Whether you work solo or with a team, Clockify is an open-source extension that will assist you with time tracking from planning to hands-on work, down to the billing part as well.

This plugin can register the time you spend anywhere on the web, and provide you with online reports that can be exported if necessary. It integrates with several other apps, has an automatic stop and an idle detection system, and lets you set timers and reminders.

You can also track time together within projects and easily monitor your team's progress.

Wrapping up

Overall, these are the most useful extensions for Google Chrome that every remote worker should have on their browser. Of course, you can adapt this list to better suit your needs, since every work project may have different demands.

But you get the grasp of it: there are tools out there made to personalize your browsing experience and enhance your productivity, you just need to give them a try and find the most suitable ones for your area.

We hope this list can be of general use to all remote workers out there so you can improve focus and increase your efficiency. And count on Curiosity to help on the way there!

Why don’t you leave us a note and tell us which Chrome extensions are your favorites? We love sharing experiences!

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