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10 Hottest New Apps to Explore Immediately (September 2022 🏆)

10 Hottest New Apps in September 2022 — ProductHunt Most Upvoted

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps this month — via ProductHunt.

Sometimes all we need is a helping hand to raise us to greatness. Someone to do, create or manage what we cannot or do not have the time to do.

But what if that missing help were from an app — or, better still, 10 brand-new apps?

We might have just what you were looking for in this list! 🤩

Here we come with the latest roundup of the ten most remarkable hits on ProductHunt in September 2022, according to popular demand. 🔥✨

Plenty of interesting tools on that list — keep reading to know more!

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1. xTiles

**Organize your ideas and projects visually **Tags: Design Tools, Web App, Productivity, iOs PH Launch: 20.09.2022 Upvotes: 2588 ▲

Image from xTiles

If you work with content creation such as podcasts, blog posts, videos, images, photographs, writings, or educational topics, xTiles is a fantastic addition to your tool kit.

This app will help you become more productive with an easy and flexible workspace that aims for simplicity. You can create a personal layout with notes, links, and media, and share it with your team.

All features are currently available in the web version, which includes a browser extension to capture snippets. And the mobile app is a great addition for note-taking on the fly.

🪙 P*ricing

  • There is a complimentary Starter plan with unlimited page sharing

  • Personal Pro plan costs $8/month with unlimited file uploads and blocks

  • Team plan costs $8/month per member with multiple editors in a workspace

2. Polywork

**Discover opportunities to collaborate **Tags: Social Networking, Web App, Community PH Launch: 14.09.2022 Upvotes: 2460 ▲

Image from Polywork

Polywork is a social network that aims at work collaboration amongst different professionals. This tool will help you find opportunities in many fields — not only full-time positions, but also side projects, partnership possibilities, and one-time collabs.

You can personalize your offer or express your availability to the best of your wishes. The app also provides private spaces, called clubs, to gather professionals with interests in common.

🪙 Pricing

  • The network is free to join and use, but clubs are still in private invite-only beta — any user can request access

3. Maven

**Live courses taught by experts **Tags: Education, Tech, Online Learning PH Launch: 15.09.2022 Upvotes: 1923 ▲

Image from Maven

Maven is a platform focused on curating live courses taught by experts in the area, from big companies like Meta, Google, and Airbnb.

It believes in cohort-based courses (CBCs) as the key to overcoming the lack of engagement seen in traditional recorded online courses. With live classes, you can ask questions directly to the instructor, or get support from your classmates.

There are currently over one hundred courses on the platform. They promise to deliver active learning, interactivity, and a sense of community.

🪙 Pricing

  • Prices vary between courses and are paid per enrollment

4. MeltingSpot

A customizable community platform Tags: Marketing, Software, Community, Web App PH Launch: 22.09.2022 Upvotes: 1358 ▲

Image from MeltingSpot

Communities have been supporting businesses for quite some time now. They can help you engage your portfolio, get direct product feedback from your clients, reduce sales cycles, and improve conversion and retention.

With that in mind, MeltingSpot’s goal is to assist in your community building, so that you can engage customers, partners, and followers. The software has a built-in studio to host lives, and it allows you to organize your on-demand content, with public or private channels to discuss it.

Audience can be segmented into smart groups so that relevant content is shared, and there’s also a possibility to create automations to manage everything smoothly.

🪙 Pricing

  • The app is free for up to 20 active members in one spot, so that you can test all features

  • Engage plan is available from $89 with up to 100 active members

  • Businesses can have a special quote under Enterprise plan

5. Arcade 2.0

**The easiest way to showcase your product **Tags: Chrome Extensions, Web App, Tech PH Launch: 29.09.2022 Upvotes: 1345 ▲

Image from Arcade 2.0

Arcade 2.0 is a fantastic tool to show your product in action. Faster and easier than using a traditional video editing tool, the app allows you to demonstrate key product features with simple, interactive clips.

For instance, you can create short self-guided manuals that are visually appealing, and share them anywhere, in a matter of minutes. If you need to update it, the Arcade will automatically change across all properties.

It is also a nice way to keep updated with your audience’s interests via its valuable analytics.

🪙 Pricing

  • Builder plan is free with up to three publicly shared Arcades and analytics

  • Pro plan is $32 per month, suitable for individual creators with unlimited, watermark-free Arcades

  • Teams can have personalized offers with custom branding, collaborative Arcades and advanced analytics

Intermission: Curiosity

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Curiosity is a powerful search tool that can go through all your files and apps at once, without the need to upload anything anywhere. This way, all your data is safely kept on your computer and under your control. ️💾✅

Curiosity: One search for everything

Curiosity connects with the tools you already use, including your files and messages, as well as cloud apps like Dropbox or Slack. That saves you time and avoids frustrating searches on different platforms, which increases your overall efficiency.

🪙 Pricing

  • Curiosity is available for free on Windows and Mac

  • You can get a free trial of Curiosity Pro for unlimited sources and search-in-files

6. Appwrite

**Open Source backend server for Web, Mobile, and Flutter developers **Tags: Open Source, Developer Tools, GitHub PH Launch: 21.09.2022 Upvotes: 1330 ▲

Image from Appwrite

If you’re a software developer looking to simplify complex and repetitive coding, Appwrite is there for you. This platform was collectively created as a secure backend server that provides core APIs to build modern apps, with a variety of adapters for authentication, database, storage, messaging, and logging.

You can stick to what you’re familiar in coding, since it supports 11 different programming languages with a dozen SDKs. And the tool is still growing with new features to be released and facilitate the developer’s journey.

🪙 Pricing

  • Appwrite is open-source, collaborative, and free

7. Jimo

**Instantly connect to your end-users **Tags: Productivity, User Experience, Web App PH Launch: 28.09.2022 Upvotes: 1313 ▲

Image from Jimo

If you’re looking to create the best user experience for your clients, you might wanna try Jimo. This app is set to engage users with product teams, so that you can build together successful products.

Jimo allows you to gather continuous live feedback directly from your app, be it insights, validations, or surveys. You can use it to advertise new features of your product, and choose an audience, based on app data, to target campaigns or studies.

With that sort of information in hand, it gets easier to speed up decision processes and take action whenever needed.

🪙 Pricing

  • Essentials plan costs $29/month with 2 seats, basic surveys, and public roadmap

  • Pro plan is at $149/month with 5 seats, multiple languages, unlimited boosts, and analytics

  • Scale aims at enterprises, starting at $499/month with custom domain, AI insights, integrations, and full security review

8. Popsy

No-code website builder that works like Notion Tags: Website Builder, Maker Tools, No-Code PH Launch: 01.09.2022 Upvotes: 1230 ▲

Image from Popsy

Popsy is the ultimate website builder tool for Notion addicts. No, seriously. This app was created to work just like the already familiar Notion, so customization and design can be fast and simple, with no need to dive into coding.

But don’t worry if you have no clue about Notion. Popsy is quite simple to understand even for beginners, and there are some templates to choose from if you don’t want to create a page from scratch.

It’s an amazing choice for content creators, founders, influencers, and job seekers to spread their ideas and products around the world.

🪙 Pricing

  • Each published site costs $8/month with free Popsy domains or custom domains available.

9. Typed

The next-generation document editor Tags: Productivity, Writing, Text Editors, Collaboration PH Launch: 19.09.2022 Upvotes: 1186 ▲

Image from Typed

Typed claims to be the next-generation app for writing. It has an amazing interface for document collaboration between team members, integration with Google Drive, and a resource library for each doc ever created. With that, you can easily share anything you’re working on with just a link — no need to send multiple tabs or files any more.

The app smart links all documents created to help you with organization. Whether you’re a creator, a student, a founder, or an investor, you’ll find it interesting to know that you can research and write at the same time within the app, using split screen viewer.

As a plus, the app also offers context-based recommendations (in beta) and you can save references to Typed mobile.

🪙 Pricing

  • There is a free plan for individuals or starting teams, with up to 25 documents and 1 GB storage

  • Pro plan aims at heavy users and fast-growing teams, at a cost of $8 per user yearly, unlimited documents, and 10 GB storage per editor

  • Custom pricing is available for enterprises

10. Growth.Design Case Studies 2.0

Product tips in a comic book format Tags: User Experience, Education, Tech PH Launch: 14.09.2022 Upvotes: 1102 ▲

Image from Growth.Design Case Studies 2.0

Wanna know what happens when education meets entertainment, art, and business ideas? Growth.Design Case Studies is what happens.

On its v. 2.0, this fantastic app gathers more than 43 product case studies from big companies such as TikTok, YouTube, and Amazon, and explains in simple comics how they use psychology to engage users, create experiences, and lead to conversion.

With an approachable tactic, powerful product growth content can be transmitted to many people from different backgrounds and in various roles within a company. The smooth interactions and easy navigation make it simple and fun for anyone to wander about the cases, even in your spare time.

🪙 Pricing

  • Subscription and access to all case studies are free, with no paid ads

Wrapping up

Those are the top 10 apps this month of September, according to most upvoted on ProductHunt.

It was an amazing ride with brand-new applications ranging from productivity, UX, maker tools, networking, and learning. There seems to be a growing interest in tools to connect users and users-to-business. And it is always a delight to see new ideas flourish in the educational field since this largely benefits many people.

We hope this list gives you rich insights to improve your routine and facilitate upcoming ideas. We would love to hear from you in the comments, so drop a word about your favorite new app!

In the meantime, you can always get more productive with Curiosity! 😉

Methodological note

There are many ways to interpret: “Hottest in the month”. In case you’re wondering, here’s how we put together the list:

  • Check the most-upvoted list every day this month (ProductHunt Time Travel)

  • Check upvotes as of the day of collection (1st of the following month)

  • Select 10 apps with the most upvotes

That means the list is slightly biased towards apps that launched earlier in the month (more time to collect votes). However, since it contains apps from the entire month, we feel that small imprecision is acceptable. Upvote counts are from the day we pulled the data.

We also removed any projects related to NFTs, blockchains, and Web3. If you’re confused why, check out @web3isgreat or @smdiehl on Twitter.

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