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We Tested the Hot AI Trend Everyone is Talking About 🔥

We Tested the Hot AI Trend Everyone is Talking About 🔥

The internet is going crazy about it. But is it worth it? We tried it and here’s how it went. 😎

An App that can create the perfect profile picture for you, your dog or cat? We needed to check it out!

Spoiler Alert: my AI version is definitely fancier than real life

ProfilePicture.AI came out last week on ProductHunt, and it’s already generating quite a buzz. In an online world dominated by social media and appearances, it couldn’t be different. The app promises to create the perfect profile picture for you, your pets, or for you and a loved one (human or animal), with the help of artificial intelligence.

It was launched in competition with Avatar.AI, so of course, we had to test them both. Keep reading to find out more about my experience with** ProfilePicture.AI**, and check our take on Avatar.AI in a later post.

How to Use ProfilePicture.AI

With a promise to capture just who you are in the real world, the app offers to create 100+ beautiful profile pictures with full HD quality via artificial intelligence, at a one-time payment.

For that, you need to upload a handful of photos that capture all of your facial and body features. There are guidelines on how many to upload. I recommend uploading different pictures and as many as possible for the best!

Image from ProfilePicture.AI

Pricing 🪙

Note these are the prices as of writing — they seem to be changing quite quickly!

  • Large package costs $34 (it includes 120 photos in 2048x2048 format)

  • Small package is $29 (with 104 photos in 512x512 format)

After adding the photos, you need to name the life you are recreating and tell if it’s a male, a female, a couple, a dog, a cat, or another (oh, aren’t we curious about that one? 😄).

The app advises us that processing may take up to 3 hours to generate your avatars. They send a link via email to download all pics, so be sure to check your spam folder.

We received ours in about one and a half hours, so that was great. And after downloading the pics, we have to say: the results are AWESOME! 🎉

The Outcome 🤩

The app generates different styles: real studio pics, B/W, vintage, drawings, paintings, fantasy, close-ups, full body…

We got fantastic AI pictures in many settings. Pretty much all of them can be used, as they look absolutely stunning… and often hilarious. There was much laughter in the office as we checked the results.

But let the images speak for themselves… I’m sure you’re as curious as I was. 😄

The crème de la crème 🤌

To my surprise, there it was: Me as an astronaut, as a secret agent, as a warrior, as an emperor, as a monk, as Steve Jobs, as some cute little doll.. or even with hair and a full beard! Here are the best-of…


Van Gogh or icon-style anybody? I love how you can see the different painting styles. 🎨


These ones I’d totally use as my profile pictures. I just wish I were that good-looking in real life! 🤣

Kings and Sultans

You may now address me as “Your Majesty”. 🤴 Note the lopsided mustache in the right image — more on that later.


Isn’t the drawing style great on the left picture? Also note the back-lighting on the astro-style image. Impressive! 👏


Who knew I could look so dangerous!? 🌘


I guess that’s what my future looks like. 😅

Where the Models Fail

As you saw above, the results are pretty awesome… but sometimes the models go wrong.

The kinds of mistakes we saw here are fairly standard for image-generators. They’re caused because the models are “uninformed”: They don’t know about things in the real world, like how many fingers people are supposed to have.

Here are a few examples of what can go wrong… for a laugh. 😅

1. Weird fingers 👾 🖖

AI models often struggle with hands and fingers because they don’t “know” we’re supposed to have five fingers. That can lead to extra or missing fingers (left image) or complete fails (right image — probably some of the example images were holding something).

Maybe I was part of a freak show at some random universes

2. Teeth — or is it a unitooth? 😬 🦷

Teeth are another tricky area for image-generation models. They’re blissfully unaware that humans don’t have a unitooth. 😂

Getting some weird serial killer vibes from these vintage pictures… 😅

3. Misaligned Eyes 🤪 👀

Weird eyes are the standard mistake. In most images, the direction of view is almost aligned, but we humans are very good at picking up inaccuracies like these.

Looking in two directions at once 🤪

4. Artifacts 🔎 🗑️

Sometimes the models will create artifacts based on the inputs that don’t fit with the target image. It happens especially with things you’re holding or wearing, like glasses.

Note the artifact from my glasses behind the ear

5. Complete weirdness 🧟‍♂️ 👽

And finally, sometimes the models go completely bananas, from messed-up faces to whatever the thing on the top right is supposed to be. 😄

Face-fails to complete weirdness

Wrapping Up

These new products are a fantastic application of the latest image-generating models, and it was really fun to see the results. 🤩

The models still make mistakes, but overall I’m deeply impressed with the quality here. If you go for it, be sure to give the app a good selection of training pics for the best results.

This could be a fun gift to a friend or relative, and the arts could also turn into astonishing canvas prints. You’ll definitely end up with fantastic options to change your profile pic on every social media. ✨

Share your thoughts in the comments, and** let me know which ones I should use as my new profile pic**! 😉

And don’t forget to check Curiosity: our AI-based search tool that can find anything you need, even going through pics, audio, or videos. We’re here for you!

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