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10 Hottest New Apps to Try Right Away (November Edition 🏆)

10 Hottest New Apps in November 2022 — ProductHunt Most Upvoted

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps this month — via ProductHunt.

Looking for new, efficient apps to improve your daily life? 🕵️✨

All around the web, developers are constantly coming up with new and fantastic ideas. But it can be quite difficult to know where to search.

Now you can say goodbye to this hassle — we’ve got you covered. Our selection of the most upvoted new apps from Product Hunt in November 2022 will surely excite you! 🤩

These apps are the result of developers’ brilliant ideas and provide the perfect solution for many needs. Get ready to be impressed! 😄🎉

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1. Air for Teams

**The fastest way to find, store, and share content **Tags: Productivity, Task Management, Web Apps PH Launch: 10.11.2022 Upvotes: 2793 ▲

Air for Teams is the ultimate collaboration hub

Every company today is basically a media company — there’s no denying that. As a consequence, teams need to work with content on a daily basis. And remote work has only intensified this need.

If you’re tired of clunky and outdated cloud storage solutions that clog the creative process, **Air for Teams** comes as a first match.

This app is a visual workspace that works as a hub. You can easily find, store, and share content, create different versions, give feedback, debate ideas, and analyze performance. Air will definitely save you time and space and improve content management across the entire team.

🪙 Pricing

  • Basic plan: Free** (all of the essentials, up to 3 members + 25 GB storage)

  • Plus plan:** $10/month per user** (200 GB storage, pay per seat — perfect for small teams or freelance projects)

  • Pro plan: $25/month per user (2 TB storage, password-protected share links, comment-only members and guests)

2. Rewind

**Automatically record your meetings, and enhance your memory **Tags: Mac, Productivity, Artificial Intelligence PH Launch: 01.11.2022 Upvotes: 2423 ▲

Whether you’ve seen, said, or heard something, Rewind can help you

Studies show that 90% of memories are forgotten after a week, and it gets worse as we get older. But what if we could use technology to augment our memory the same way a hearing aid can augment our hearing? This is the question that inspired the founding of Rewind.

This macOS app records anything you’ve seen, said, or heard and makes it searchable. All recordings are stored locally on your Mac for privacy. It uses state-of-the-art Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), native macOS APIs, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to recognize and index all the words on your screen.

This is particularly useful for meetings, where the content of discussions, debates, and decisions are often lost forever as soon as a meeting is over.

🪙 Pricing

Note: Rewind is still in Beta version. You can sign up for the waitlist here.

3. Notion AI

**Your new AI writing assistant integrated to Notion **Tags: Productivity, Artificial Intelligence, Notes PH Launch: 16.11.2022 Upvotes: 2251 ▲

Augment your capacities with Notion AI assistant

We’ve already covered Notion several times here on the blog — and it still remains very popular. The reason for that: it’s an easy-to-use collaborative workspace where you can take notes, craft documents, create dashboards, wikis, websites, and more.

Now they’re taking it one step forward with Notion AI. This feature adds the power of artificial intelligence to the app, so that you can create drafts, brainstorm, edit, summarize, and more.

🪙 Pricing

Note: Notion AI is currently in private Alpha version, only accessible via the waitlist (you can join the line here). Find below the pricing for Notion.

  • Personal plan: Free** (share content with up to 5 people, get unlimited pages and blocks, and sync the app across devices)

  • Personal Pro plan:** $4/month** (unlimited file uploads, unlimited guests)

  • Team plan: $8/month per user (collaborative workspace, unlimited team members, admin tools)

4. erxes XOS

**Manage your entire business from a single software **Tags: Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Automation PH Launch: 10.11.2022 Upvotes: 1847 ▲

erxes XOS will help you create a sustainable business model

Erxes XOS is an Experience Operating System that focuses on providing better experiences for businesses and their customers. The app was created as an open-source alternative to Hubspot.

It now includes CXM, EXM, and PXM (Customer/Employee/Product Experience Management, respectively), and has moved to a plugin-based architecture.

This way you can get all your business channels connected and integrated and manage them effortlessly.

🪙 Pricing

  • Starter plan: Free** (1 account with 3 organizations, ideal for solopreneurs and small teams)

  • Enterprise plan:** Custom quotes** (unlimited core features, ideal for high-trust organizations in regulated industries)

5. Guidde

**How-to videos made simple **Tags: Chrome Extension, Productivity, Customer Support PH Launch: 14.11.2022 Upvotes: 1635 ▲

Capture tutorial videos instantly with Guidde

Guidde is a new tool that makes it easy for anyone to create stunning how-to videos without any design or video editing skills. The platform was built to help product teams, customer support, success, presales, and other teams overcome the common challenges associated with creating videos.

The app automatically includes highlights and callouts for your workflows. There is also an easy-to-use editing interface that allows you to enhance your videos with just a few clicks.

They can be used to answer support tickets, create knowledge base articles, pass know-how to team members, and announce new features.

🪙 Pricing

  • Starter plan: Free** (up to 25 how-to videos with watermark)

  • Pro plan:** $16/user per month** (unlimited videos, custom branding)

  • Business plan:** $35/user per month** (privacy control, tracking links, analytics, blur sensitive info)

Intermission: Curiosity

**Are you tired of searching through multiple platforms and accounts just to find a single file or message? Meet Curiosity, the ultimate all-in-one search tool *🔎

Curiosity: One search for everything

With Curiosity, you can easily search through all your data without having to upload anything anywhere. This means your information remains safely stored on your own computer, giving you complete control over it.

But that’s not all. Curiosity also connects with the tools you already use, including popular apps like Dropbox and Slack. This saves you time and makes your searches more efficient: you can quickly find what you’re looking for without frustration.

No need to waste time jumping from one platform to another when you can have everything you need in one place. 😉

🪙 Pricing

  • Starter plan: Free* (*up to 5 connected cloud apps)

  • Personal plan:** €3.99/month** *(*unlimited personal apps, search-in-files, schedule indexing)

  • Pro plan: €9.99/month (unlimited sources, faster indexing)


**Design-to-code automation tool for professionals **Tags: Productivity, Software Engineering, Developer Tools PH Launch: 15.11.2022 Upvotes: 1567 ▲

FUNCTION12 gives you UI coding without any hand-coding

As developers, we all know the tedious and time-consuming process of hand-coding UI designs. It can take hours, even days, to convert a design into production-ready code. But what if there was a way to automate this process and save precious time and effort?

Enter FUNCTION12, a design-to-code automation tool designed to help developers cut the time spent on repetitive hand-coding. This app uses a unique engine that actually understands and translates designs into optimized code. It also improves the quality of your products by providing instant previews and real-time updates.

You can easily view pages from your Figma project, customize your workspace, and preview code in various frameworks. When you’re ready to export, you can download your entire project in the framework of your choice — quickly and easily.

🪙 Pricing

  • Basic plan: Free** (2 import count, unlimited projects, and up to 150 objects/month)

  • Starter plan:** $65/month** *(*unlimited import count and projects, and up to 15,000 objects/month)

  • Pro plan: Coming Soon (team collaboration, UX debugger, and data binding)

7. SigmaOS 1.0

**A browser that thinks like you **Tags: Mac, Productivity, User Experience PH Launch: 16.11.2022 Upvotes: 1416 ▲

SigmaOS 1.0 organizes your tabs and workspaces

SigmaOS 1.0 is here to make your web browsing experience even better. It has workspaces to organize your tabs like a to-do list, a split screen to work on two tabs at once, and a lazy search to quickly find anything in your browser.

You can import all your existing Chrome extensions and browse the web without being interrupted by annoying ads with their native ad blocker. There’s also the possibility of having separate logins in different workspaces — which is particularly useful if you need to use several Google accounts for work and personal purposes.

Other features include auto-sync between devices, password managers, and a magic ‘dim’ mode to let you focus. But our favorite is co-browsing, which allows you to share a workspace with teammates and friends, so you can browse the web together. This is a great way to collaborate on projects and share information.

🪙 Pricing

Note: SigmaOS is free for students, researchers, and educators.

  • Personal plan: Free** (all features from a regular browser + 3 workspaces + built-in ad-blocker + split screen)

  • Personal Pro plan:** $8/month** *(*unlimited workspaces + cross-device syncing + 1 co-browsing workspace)

  • Team plan: $12/month *(*unlimited co-browsing workspaces + sharing permissions + admin tools)

8. Piggy

**Visual, creative, and interactive mobile documents creator **Tags: Design Tools, Productivity, Website Builder PH Launch: 22.11.2022 Upvotes: 1414 ▲

Piggy makes it easy to create stunning content on your phone

Piggy is a mobile app that makes authoring content on the go easy and fun. With its user-friendly interface and array of features, including the ability to incorporate videos, gifs, polls, audio, and links, you can create stunning art — like presentations, documents, photo albums, memes, and invitations.

Your creations can be instantly published and shared with a simple URL, and it’s all stored in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about losing your work. It’s a must-have app for anyone looking to create and share stunning content directly from their smartphones — whether you’re a blogger or not.

🪙 Pricing

Note: Piggy is 100% free to use and share.


**A developer homepage that makes staying up-to-date easy **Tags: Open Source, Software Engineering, Developer Tools PH Launch: 03.11.2022 Upvotes: 1395 ▲

Get up to date with developer news in one place:

Are you tired of scouring the internet for high-quality, developer-related content? Do you want to catch up on the latest trends and developments without having to spend hours searching for the right sources?

If so, you need to check out — the one-stop for all your dev news. You can discover valuable content in an efficient and personalized way. The feed aggregates articles from over 600 sources and uses AI to filter out low-quality articles and show you only top-rated content.

There is a tagging system to customize your feed, and a Companion Widget — which allows you to discuss, upvote, and bookmark any article directly on the article itself (even if they don’t have a built-in comment section). This means you can join the conversation anywhere and connect with like-minded developers from around the world.

🪙 Pricing

Note: is 100% free and open source.

10. Vowel 2.0

**Transcribe your meetings into shareable knowledge **Tags: Productivity, Meetings, Remote Work PH Launch: 01.11.2022 Upvotes: 1351 ▲

Make your meetings more productive with Vowel

It seems like remote work has been quite an issue for everyone lately, right? But gone are the days of meetings disappearing into the ether once they’re over. Vowel is yet another video conferencing tool on the list today to help you with them.

With this app, you can host more engaging and focused meetings, and have infinite recall of the insights and decisions that come out of those conversations. You get live transcription, shared notes, universal search, clips, bookmarks, and one-click export. It’ll surely help reduce any meeting fatigue.

🪙 Pricing

  • Basic plan: Free** (record and transcribe meetings, up to 12 participants and 50' duration, rewatch and search for 14 days)

  • Pro plan:** $8.49/month per member** (non-English transcription languages, download videos, up to 25 participants and 120' duration, rewatch and search for 60 days)

  • Business plan:** $16.49/month per member** *(*no time limit on your meetings, up to 50 participants, rewatch and search forever)

Wrapping up

Well, fellow readers, ProductHunt top 10 most upvoted apps in November 2022 were quite a batch! Do you agree? 💥

The distress towards virtual meetings has proven to be a valuable asset for new apps — with remote teams still on focus. What’s more, the emergence of new developer and designer tools highlights the importance of these areas in the digital age. Customer management apps are a key solution for businesses looking to improve their sales and marketing efforts.

And finally, artificial intelligence was a major player on the list. The increase in AI-powered apps shows the growing role of technology in our daily lives.

Overall, there’s a wide range of apps for everyone. Try them out now to see the benefits they can bring! 😉

Remember to share your experiences and thoughts with us in the comments. 🎯 *Meanwhile, count on Curiosity to find anything on all your devices and apps!

Methodological note

There are many ways to interpret: “Hottest in the month”. In case you’re wondering, here’s how we put together the list:

  • Check the most-upvoted list every day this month (ProductHunt Time Travel)

  • Check upvotes as of the day of collection (1st of the following month)

  • Select 10 apps with the most upvotes

That means the list is slightly biased towards apps that launched earlier in the month (more time to collect votes). However, since it contains apps from the entire month, we feel that small imprecision is acceptable. Upvote counts are from the day we pulled the data.

We also removed any projects related to NFTs, blockchains, and Web3. If you’re confused why, check out @web3isgreat or @smdiehl on Twitter.

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