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A magic avatar created by AI: We Tested Another App Trend 😜

A magic avatar created by AI: We Tested Another App Trend 😜

Dall-e,,, and now Lensa App — Artificial Intelligence has led to viral apps that aim to create the perfect profile picture. 🤳📸

My digital version can be very spooky sometimes 👻

Artificial intelligence has taken over timelines from all social media with a new trend: creating magic avatars of yourself. 🌈✨

It seems like living the dream. No more struggling to find a profile pic that truly represents you. Just tell the AI what pic you’d like, and there you go.

This can be easily done by feeding the machine with a couple of real pics with different settings, angles, and facial expressions. It registers your data and transforms it into new and creative images for you to use anywhere.

We’ve already tested (read more about how this went here), and now we gave a shot with, which launched on ProductHunt last month.

But, of course, there are some things to keep in mind when dealing with AI images. Keep reading to see the results and our thoughts on it! 😉

How to Use

To get started, you need to go to their website with a handful of real pics to use. The app will create 120+ AI avatars in one take, with a one-time payment.

You can do an avatar of yourself 🤳, you and your partner 👩‍❤️‍👨, or of your dog 🐶 or cat 🐱. Make sure that you select the best photos, with no other people (or animals) in them other than who you’d like.

It’s better if you have pics in different locations, with many angles, backgrounds, and expressions — and no sunglasses 😎.

Image from

After adding your pics, you can pick up to 15 styles you want. They have over 75 styles available, and some of the newest include covid, Oktoberfest, ancient Greece, yacht, clown, activist, police, doctor, and witch.🧙‍️😷🍺🥨🚢🏖️

Processing the pics took around** one hour,** and we received an email with a link to download everything.

Pricing 🪙

Note they support purchasing power parity pricing — so these prices can change according to your location.

  • 120+ AI avatars in SD costs $12

  • 120+ AI avatars in 4K is $16

  • 4K + 1 Photo Shoot is $83

The Outcome 🤪

While there were many pics unusable due to AI glitches, we still found a few quite funny and interesting. They got us some good laughs! 😂

Check some of the best ones here, and let me know which one is your fav!

Photoshoot 📸

The glow in my hair is amazing! But I might trick you somehow if you think this is how I look on a daily basis… 😜

Fantasy 🏹

The next pics make me feel like I just saved the Empire from the Dark Side, or the kingdoms from White Walkers. Missing: my dragons. 🐲 😁

Art 🎨

Did someone say Girl with a ‘Silver’ Earring or modern-day-Rembrandt?

Cartoon-ish 🚓

I knew that all those years watching CSI would pay off chasing criminals on my show.

Dark 🧟‍♀️

Well, I guess Halloween costumes for the next couple of years are already decided. Or maybe if I had a band, one of these could be our cover? 😎

Where the Models Fail

As you can see from above, the results are pretty awesome… but sometimes the models go wrong.

The mistakes we see with AI are usually the same. They’re caused because the models are “uninformed”: They don’t know about things in the real world, like how your hair is supposed to behave, or how eyes are usually symmetric and round — and pointing in the same direction.

Here are a few examples of what can go wrong… for a laugh. 😅

1. Hair 👱‍♀️

AI definitely needs to learn a thing or two about frizz — or how to create a nice braid or bangs. 😆

2. Crazy eyes 🥴

Maybe this AI trend will melt like eyes in a cone scoop.🍧 Remember what we said about them? Eyes (and fingers alike) are one of the easiest ways of spotting an image-generated model.

3. Mirror Effect 🪞

If humans had a perfect bilateral symmetry — would you enjoy it or freak out? 👀 We noticed that AI uses that to create new images — b*ut the outcome can be quite different than the original person.

4. Weird drawings 🖼️🎭

Do you hear birds singing and butterflies all around? I feel like I’m living inside a weird pamphlet of some kind. 😅

5. Artifacts 🗑️

And finally, AI generators can have glitches and leave weird objects or traces that don’t fit with the target picture. When looked at from a distance, though, they may go unnoticed. 🧩

Did you spot the odd painting on my forehead, the crazy scarf, or the strange ribbon on my hair? 🔎

Wrapping Up

Even with the setbacks, we’re very impressed with the possibilities that these AI image-generating tools provide. 👏

With, themed pics seemed nicer than those supposed to be more realistic — which is great since they’ve been adding lots of styles to the list. You can surely create fantastic gifts or have a different pic on your social media for each day and occasion of the year. 🎁🎄😜

There are several options of AI apps out there to have fun— and more yet are supposed to come. But make sure that they delete all of your photos and generated models after rendering, to avoid any leakage issues and deep fakes. And it’s always good to check the **company’s reliability — ***after all, they can gather quite a valuable database here.*🥴

Maybe in the future, it’ll be the case of creating an authenticity certificate to validate original pictures and distinguish them from AI ones… or am I going too far? 🤔 What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

And don’t forget to check Curiosity: our AI-based search tool that can find anything you need, going through pics, messages, apps, files, and accounts — all in one app. We’re here for you!

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