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3 Hot App Tips for Writers that Aren’t Text Editors

3 Hot App Tips for Writers that Aren’t Text Editors

Writing in the Digital Age can get overwhelming with AI generators like ChatGPT. But there are other apps to help you through — and no, they won’t write for you.

Being a writer in times of AI-generated content is not always that easy — and we get weird virtual looks from time to time, just to check if we’re really there or if we know what we’re doing. 🤪

However, as Medium itself puts it, the use of new technologies doesn’t need to focus on replacing human content, but rather on assisting content creators to do better at their jobs. And that’s something we totally support.

That said, yes, AI can assist in generating content — we’ve all seen ChatGPT in action. But there are other tech superpowers you can get to improve your writing.

And I’m not speaking about your regular auto-corrector either (anyone said Grammarly? 😅).

1. Get writing from the moment you wake up 🌅

Imagine if you could simplify your writing routine to** a coffee in the morning with your best friend?** ☕

From the time we wake up, our minds are flooded with new and brilliant ideas. However, they get easily lost throughout the day if we don’t have a** well-organized note-taking system** in place. And even so, scrambling to find that one smart quote or trying to decipher your scribbled notes from the past day is not for everyone.

Instead, why not try chatting out loud? Record all your thoughts the moment they appear, as easily as if you were having a talk with a dear one** — and magically turn them into text prompts ready to be worked on with Tucan. This smart tool can transcribe any text in English or German, regardless of the accents or jargon used. 🐦

Record your ideas and Tucan turns into text

Its analytics feature can detect and mark positive, neutral, and negative statements,** giving you valuable insights** into your narrative flow. The app also has *summarization+ powers and can identify central topics and questions. The helping hand you were asking for.

2. Make your words visually appealing ✨

We know — writing can sometimes be as messy as a sock drawer. But there are helpful alternatives out there, so you don’t get stuck looking at your text without knowing what is what and where to begin or to go back to.

Let’s just say it: visual matters. Stop underestimating the power of color schemes, lists, and tags, and use them in your favor when you’re writing.

An easy way of doing that is with Notion. 📰

Its clean interface and unique block-style pages make it the perfect tool for any writer looking to visually organize their thoughts and ideas. There’s a wide range of features that simplify the writing process, and pleasingly pre-built templates to get you covered.

Create a beautiful workspace for your writings

We organize so many things in life to make them easier — why overlook our writing? A well-structured record of our creative process can do wonders and unclutter even the busiest minds. 🤯

3. Keep track of the content you create 🖊️

Alright, so you’ve got all your brilliant ideas transcribed and organized into a pleasing dashboard. You’re spewing content like a fountain of creativity!

However, your writings start to pile up. Different works accumulate rapidly and suddenly you’re overwhelmed, *not knowing where to look for+ that piece of wisdom you noted a few weeks back. Or how to find your last contract to see your current deadline — so many emails!

**Curiosity** is like a smart personal assistant for your computer. It connects all your apps, accounts, and local folders into one simple search tool to find everything you need. At the distance of a keyboard shortcut. ⚡

Save even more time by launching meetings and programs directly from Curiosity

Whether it’s a file buried deep in your computer, a message hidden in your inbox, or a meme concealed in your soul, **Curiosity** will find it for you faster than you can say “writer’s block”. 😸

Keep your ideas, research materials, and creations at your fingertips — and see the difference this can make!

Wrapping up

So there you have it! We hope these tips will help you bring tech by your side when writing — whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out!

Just keep in mind that there’s no need to do it all by yourself just to make it count. You can enhance your skills with the aid of new technologies to stay on track, organize your thoughts, and turn your ideas into great writing.

If you have any other tips or apps that you’d like to share, feel free to drop them in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you! 😉

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