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3 Simple Tips for a Distraction-Free Windows Workspace

3 Simple Tips for a Distraction-Free Windows Workspace

Revitalize your work habits and reclaim your time in Windows for a more focused and efficient workday ✨

Are you tired of seeing unwanted and distracting ads on your Windows workspace? You’re not alone. 😵‍💫

There are so many native attention-grabbers on Windows that they make it nearly impossible to go unharmed from a day at work.

Microsoft’s MSN content network syndicates content from hundreds of web publishers, including tabloid-style headlines that appear in Windows’ search box and widgets section.

They come with catchy titles and leave you wondering what’s their full story… maybe you could read just this one. And this. And that. And there goes half an hour of unproductive time spent away.

Fortunately, there are ways to stop this vicious cycle. 😄

We’ll show you three simple steps that every Windows user should take immediately to remove any ads and distractions right away.

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1. Turn off Search Highlights

Search highlights are enabled by default in the search box — even if you never searched for any of it. 🤪

Let’s all take a time to appreciate these beautiful manatees.

As much as I like getting to know a new word every day, this is surely preventing me from doing my tasks on time (☝️ hands up if you went looking for the meaning of gallivant 😅).

To disable Search Highlights in Windows

  1. Click the three dots on the upper right of the search window, just next to your user pic, and open Search Settings.

  2. This will open Search permissions. Scroll to More settings.

  3. Toggle the switch under Show search highlights to turn them off.

You can open Search permissions directly from the Windows menu by typing its name.

2. Remove news from the taskbar Weather Widget

The Weather Widget is a useful feature of the Windows taskbar, as it can provide real-time info on weather, traffic, or stock from time to time. 🚥

But it also displays news headlines when you open it or as much as hover over itwhich takes up a huge part of your screen and attention.

Now you want to know what special ingredient will transform milk into… what? 🐮

If you find this distracting, you can turn it off, or modify your preferences.

To remove the Weather Widget in Windows

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and open Taskbar Settings.

  2. Toggle off Widgets under Taskbar items. This will remove it completely from view.

You might want to disable anything else that isn’t being used regularly

To change the Weather Widget settings in Windows

  1. Click your user pic* on the top right* of the Weather Widget to open Widgets settings.

  2. Revise your options for the Widget, toggling off what you need.

  3. Open Manage interests to choose what type of news you want to see on the Weather Widget.

The Weather Widget can also be set to a different location on Widgets settings

3. Disable the news feed in Microsoft Edge

Lastly, if you browse on Microsoft Edge, you’ve probably seen quite distracting ‘MSN news’ there as well. 👀

By default, Edge displays a similar news feed when you open a new tab screen. But it can be so much cleaner and more usable!

While you’re at it, check other layout settings to see which adjusts better to your work needs

To turn off the news feature in Edge

  1. Open Edge and click on the gear icon in the top right corner.

  2. Scroll to Content and select Content off.

Wrapping up

Microsoft’s operating system can be distracting and annoying when it comes to unwanted ads. In some cases, the headlines and articles are outright misleading and come from less reputable sources.

However, with these tips, you can remove any distraction from Windows and enjoy a cleaner and more focused user experience. This will improve your overall productivity at work and save you precious time. 🪙

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