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10 Hottest New Apps for the Tech-Savvy and Trendsetters 🏆💥

10 Hottest New Apps in April 2023 — ProductHunt Most Upvoted 🏆

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps in April — via ProductHunt.

Every month, Product Hunt’s community of tech enthusiasts comes together to choose the most amazing new apps that were launched. 🌟

They offer a glimpse into the future of technology, driven by collaboration and innovation — mainly through AI. By providing tools that are both practical and effective, they can address real-world problems, enhance productivity and streamline everyday tasks for all audiences.

We bring you here the top 10 most upvoted apps in April 2023 🥇 —** t***hey are sure to impress and inspire!

Let’s take a closer look and see what they have to offer! 😸

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1. Rask AI

**Say it in any language, AI based, sounds as good as a human Tags: Productivity, Artificial Intelligence, Tech PH Launch: 04.04.2023 Upvotes: 1400 ▲

Translate and dub videos automatically with Rask AI

Are you a content creator looking to expand your reach to new audiences worldwide? Or, are you a marketing team seeking to adapt your video content for different channels and maximize reach and engagement?

If so, you might want to check out Rask AI, a new-generation translation and dubbing tool that makes it easy to localize your video content and voiceovers into more than 60 languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Turkish — and reach a global audience. 🌏

With Rask AI, you can translate subtitles for mute formats — which is perfect for platforms like Tiktok and Instagram Reels. It’s also easy to adapt your content to new markets by translating both your voice and subtitles. Other features include** multispeaker detection and translation**, and VoiceCloning.

Stay tuned for upcoming features, such as lipsync, voice-overs, and video inpainting, and speak to the world with Rask!

🪙 Pricing

Note: the open-source version of the product is 100% free and you can download and use it under the open-source Apache 2.0 License.

  • Early birds plan: $9/month (translate & dubbing 15min/mo, 60+ languages available, voice cloning for 8 languages, limited-time offer)

  • Basic plan:** $39/month** (translate & dubbing 25min/mo, additional mins for $1/min)

  • Pro plan: $99/month (translate & dubbing 100min/mo, early access to lipsync feature soon)

2. Studio AI

**The new age design tool with WebDesignAI inside Tags: Design Tools, Artificial Intelligence, No-Code PH Launch: 26.04.2023 Upvotes: 1351 ▲

Studio AI is your new design tool with WebDesignGPT inside

Studio AI is a web design tool that is changing the way we think about web development. This app can understand what you are designing, learn from your feedback, and turn your designs into live websites instantly. 🤯

The interface is intuitive and simple to use, and the AI is smart and contextual, making it easy to generate actual sites within seconds using only your voice.

The freeform Design Editor is packed with power beyond your imagination yet feels incredibly simple to use. The tool reads and understands your designs, and with nothing more than a single line of feedback, performs complex actions autonomously.

Style and effect controls appear when you need them right where your cursor is, and whenever you are ready, hit publish to turn your site designs into an actual website. No rebuilding, no handoffs, no coding required.

🪙 Pricing

3. Ply

**Build internal features into the apps you use, with no-code Tags: Chrome Extensions, SaaS, No-Code PH Launch: 20.04.2023 Upvotes: 1334 ▲

Customize the apps you use with Ply

Ply is an app designed to supercharge your productivity by building new features into the apps you already use — that is, without code.

Building a contextual solution sometimes can be much more effective than building an entirely new product. And Ply provides that for you and your team, so you can solve problems more effectively and achieve faster time-to-value.

Ply lets you create add-ons, command bar tools, actionable notifications, and portals that work with popular apps like Gmail, Airtable, Zendesk, HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Intercom, and many others.

You can remotely add features to team apps, and your end-users don’t have to worry about anything — or you can try their collaboration features, with spaces to build and manage features together.

🪙 Pricing

4. Lago

**Open-source metering and usage-based billing Tags: Open Source, Developer Tools, Finance PH Launch: 03.04.2023 Upvotes: 1248 ▲

Lago is an open-source alternative to Stripe Billing and Chargebee

If you need to optimize pricing in your business and grow revenue faster, you should meet Lago. This app offers a self-hosted, scalable, and modular architecture for metering and usage-based billing for your company, similar to Stripe, Recurly, and Chargebeebut open-source, so you can find the right pricing for your business. 😄

With Lago, you get a no-code UI, top-notch API, billing, and metering in one place, and can deploy and iterate fast. The app offers a customizable product that fits any pricing grid, including subscriptions, coupon management, and credit notes.

You can create plans for custom contracts, and use Lago with any adjacent tools you like, such as payment processors, quoting, CRM, or internal tools.

🪙 Pricing

  • *Open Source:+ Free (made for small projects)

  • *Premium plan:+ On demand (cloud or self-hosted)

5. Pangea

**Work with startups on your own terms Tags: Hiring, Freelance, Tech PH Launch: 18.04.2023 Upvotes: 1248 ▲

Connect directly with startups on Pangea

Finding work on your own terms is now a possibility with **Pangea.** This app connects startups to talents from marketing, engineering, operations, design, and growth — so you can find contracts that can lead to full-time jobs.

You can create your profile on the app, set your rate and work hours, and connect with founders, commission-free. Pangea works as a central hub for everything you’ve created, allowing clients to browse your experience, education, and work preferences. It’s a resume, portfolio, and website, all in one.

Clients can search and filter their way to you for projects and contract work, browse your experience, education, and work preferences, and get ready to start ASAP. This changes the balance of hiring, giving you more control of your work life. Set the pace in your work and do it your way with Pangea.

🪙 Pricing

Note: Pangea is 100% free for talent. For clients, there are three plans: Solo Explorer, Group Voyager, and Custom Navigator. Pricing is upon request and evaluation of your company.

Intermission: Curiosity

***Instantly search through all your folders and apps ***Meet Curiosity, the ultimate all-in-one search tool and AI Assistant *🔎

Curiosity: One search for everything and ChatGPT at your fingertips

With Curiosity, you can easily search through all your data without having to upload anything anywhere. This means your information remains safely stored on your own computer — and you’re in control. 😎

It connects with the tools you already use, including popular apps like Dropbox and Slack — there are 50+ integrations available, and more coming all the time to make you more efficient! 💥

But that’s not all.

Curiosity is now superpowered with ChatGPT, which means you get a *shortcut to your favorite AI Assistant, a search engine for past AI chats, and you can auto-reply to emails+ **quickly and easily!🪄

No need to waste time jumping from one platform to another when you can have everything you need in one place, right?😉

🪙 Pricing

Note: Curiosity offers a 14-day free trial of the Pro plan. Learn how to get it here.

  • Starter plan: Free* (*up to 5 cloud apps, Spaces, unified Inbox and Calendar, Command bar, Clipboard Manager, Contacts, Notes)

  • Personal plan:** €3.99/month** *(*unlimited personal apps and Spaces, search-in-files, indexing scheduling, AI assistant)

  • Pro plan: €9.99/month (unlimited sources, professional apps, faster indexing, AI assistant)

  • *Teams plan:+ €9.99/month per user (Workspaces, shared Commands, AI assistant, unified billing)

6. Cascadeur

**Animate with autoposing, autophysics and secondary motion Tags: Design Tools, Artificial Intelligence, Tech PH Launch: 11.04.2023 Upvotes: 1112 ▲

You make keyframe animation — Cascadeur helps you with posing, physics, and secondary motion

Cascadeur is an innovative software that simplifies the process of creating 3D keyframe animations of humanoids or other characters, with a user-friendly interface. Developed with AI-assisted tools, this app allows users to make key poses quickly and adjust secondary motion while retaining complete control at any point in the animation process.

Their AutoPosing feature uses AI to position the rest of the body automatically as you move the main control points. This feature not only saves time but also allows beginners to achieve a physically realistic result without having to worry about complex animation techniques. 🦾

Another tool, AutoPhysics, helps to make the animation physically accurate in one click,* ensuring that the character’s movements follow the laws of physics.* The Secondary Motion feature also adds subtleties to the animation, bringing the character to life. Definitely worth trying.

🪙 Pricing

  • Basic plan: Free** (complete animation toolset, export max 300 frames and 120 joints limit, commercial use for revenue <$100k/yr)

  • Pro plan:** $300/year per user**(turns into perpetual license after one year, unlimited export, scene linking tool, unlimited commercial use)

  • Business plan: $1000/year per user (turns into perpetual license after one year, dedicated support and success manager, influence on feature development priority)

  • Enterprise plan:** Custom quote** (additional control and support)

7. Klu

**Find the right information Tags: SaaS, Artificial Intelligence, Mac PH Launch: 18.04.2023 Upvotes: 1065 ▲

Enhance your team collaboration with Klu

Klu is a new app for Mac devices developed over the past three months for teams to access internal information and collaborate. You can connect it to your Gmail, Google Drive, Slack, or Notion, and find any information you need. Data is transferred and stored on their servers with encryption for security.

You can add and share anything you’re working on in one workspace for collaboration. Teams can find information with a simple search bar, or ask Klu AI a question and receive an answer in seconds.

There’s a Chrome extension for Klu, and you can also use the desktop app on your Mac by pressing cmd+shift+k.

🪙 Pricing

  • Personal plan: Free** (2 integrations, 2 folders, 3 pinned items, 250 MB storage space, 5 MB file upload limit)

  • Personal Pro plan:** $4/month** (unlimited integrations, folders, and pinned items, unlimited storage space, 250 MB file upload limit)

  • Team plan:** $8/month** (unlimited integrations, folders, and pinned items, 10 GB storage space, 250 MB upload limit)

8. Fabric

**Your new home on the internet Tags: Productivity, Storage, Artificial Intelligence PH Launch: 13.04.2023 Upvotes: 1024 ▲

Images, links, notes, bookmarks, files, tabs — all together at Fabric

Fabric is a collaborative internet drive that aims to simplify your digital life by storing all your bookmarks, files, and ideas in one place — neat and organized. 🗃️

The platform is designed to help you focus on what matters most — your work. It has a fully ‘annotatable’ filesystem, allowing you to add notes to your files and internet content for future reference. You can even capture content directly into it, so you don’t have to interrupt your flow.

Fabric supports markdown and can store any type of file, making it a unified storage platform that combines files and internet content. This makes it easy to collaborate with others on top of anything, be it in the app or in shared folders.

🪙 Pricing

9. AutoGPT

**AutoGPT in the browser Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Automation, No-Code PH Launch: 17.04.2023 Upvotes: 980 ▲

Solve tasks through recursive self-reflection with AutoGPT

**AutoGPT by SamurAI** is an open-source application that leverages GPT-4 technology to enable ‘AI agents’ to complete tasks autonomously.

The tool is available for use via web implementation built on BabyAGI — a Python script used for AI-powered task management. It eliminates the need for manual work, ushering in a new era of Artificial General Intelligence.

Among its extensive range of use cases, we can find AgentGPT, AutoGPT Creative Suite, AutoGPT Researcher, and AutoGPT Assistant. ☄️

AgentGPT enables you to give an AI agent a goal, watch as it thinks, comes up with an execution plan, and takes action. AutoGPT Creative Suite lets you design logos, write ad copy, and generate catchy slogans autonomously. AutoGPT Researcher streamlines academic research by gathering resources and summarizing findings. Lastly, AutoGPT Assistant enables you to manage emails, set appointments, and track your daily tasks.

🪙 Pricing

  • You can use AutoGPT for free with your OpenAI key.

10. Google Trends Supercharged 2

**Make Google Trends 100x more powerful Tags: Chrome Extensions, News, Marketing PH Launch: 26.04.2023 Upvotes: 968 ▲

Track Google Trends growth with Google Trends Supercharged 2

If you’re interested in understanding trends and staying ahead of the curve in your industry, Google Trends Supercharged 2 is worth checking out.

This app, offered by Glimpse, enhances the default Google Trends experience by adding enriched data and insights that make it 100 times more powerful. You can see absolute search volume for any keyword, get alerts on trending topics, discover new trending topics, and export all your data to Google Sheets for further analysis.

The app is especially useful for marketers in the SEO or PPC industry, as it provides in-depth keyword research, longtail keyword analysis, and CPC and competition statistics. You can even use it to find product niches that are exploding for Amazon FBA and Shopify, or to identify trending business ideas before they go mainstream.

🪙 Pricing

  • Google Trends Supercharged 2 is a Chrome Extension. You can get it here.

  • Basic plan: Free** (2 exponential trends)

  • Intermediate plan:** $29/month** (7 exponential trends, 3 hypergrowth trends, get past 20 trends on signup, insights for each trend)

  • Advanced plan:** $99/month** (10 exponential trends, 5 hypergrowth trends, get past 180 trends on signup, add team members)

Wrapping up

That’s a wrap on the top 10 most impressive apps launched in April! ✨

AI is making it possible for developers to come up with some truly remarkable tools that cater to every aspect of our daily lives. From design and marketing to productivity, developer tools, finances, and HR, there’s an app for everything!

Whether you’re a tech expert or just starting out, there are open-source and no-code solutions available to make your work easier along the way — so that you don’t miss out on the AI revolution! 🦾🤖

So take a chance and try them out for yourself — who knows, you might just find your new favorite workmate! Share your thoughts in the comments! 💭

And, as always, **Curiosity* is here to help you search through all your devices, folders, and apps — or to autoreply to those boring email messages for you!* 😄🚀

Methodological note

There are many ways to interpret: “Hottest in the month”. In case you’re wondering, here’s how we put together the list:

  • Check the most-upvoted list every day this month (ProductHunt Time Travel)

  • Check upvotes as of the day of collection (1st of the following month)

  • Select 10 apps with the most upvotes

That means the list is slightly biased towards apps that launched earlier in the month (more time to collect votes). However, since it contains apps from the entire month, we feel that small imprecision is acceptable. Upvote counts are from the day we pulled the data.

We also removed any projects related to NFTs, blockchains, and Web3. If you’re confused why, check out @web3isgreat or @smdiehl on Twitter.

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