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10 Hottest New Apps of the Season (March 2023 Top Launches🏆)

10 Hottest New Apps in March 2023 — ProductHunt Most Upvoted 🏆

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps in March — via ProductHunt.

The debut of ChatGPT last year — a chatbot 🤖 that uses AI language models to generate human-like responses — has set new standards for developers all around, and sparked a wave of innovation in the app industry.

As the demand for natural language processing tech grows, such AI language models are increasingly being incorporated into smart apps that can automate tasks, assist customers, and deliver personalized experiences.

This selection from Product Hunt’s most upvoted apps in March 2023 is a testament to that. 🏆

Come with us through an odyssey of the most incredible apps launched,* new and AI-revisited*** — and prepare to be amazed**! 💥

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1. Chat by

**A smarter ChatGPT to help you get more done Tags: Productivity, Marketing, Artificial Intelligence PH Launch: 08.03.2023 Upvotes: 4793 ▲

Get past that creative block with Chat by

**Chat by** is an AI-powered chat with real-time data that helps users get things done more efficiently — unlike GPT-3, which was only trained on data up to 2021.

This ability to search the web for the most up-to-date responses and cite sources makes it an excellent tool for research, and much more. Users can accomplish a variety of tasks, including writing any content they need, summarizing websites, YouTube videos, and articles, repurposing long-form content in social media posts and vice versa, and brainstorming new ideas and approaches to any problem.

There are prebuilt prompts to facilitate and guide you through the creation of personalized sales emails, SEO-friendly blog posts, and content repurposing, and an intuitive dashboard with an inline doc editor for you to cut, copy, paste, and polish your way into long-form content in minutes.

🪙 Pricing

  • Basic plan: Free (1 user seat, 2000 words per month, 90+ copywriting tools, unlimited projects)

  • Pro plan:** $36/month** (5 user seats, unlimited words, 29+ languages, access to newest features)

2. Chat.D-ID

**Have a face-to-face conversation with ChatGPT Tags: Messaging, API, Artificial Intelligence PH Launch: 08.03.2023 Upvotes: 2322 ▲

Chat.D-ID brings the “face” back into the interface

If you find chatting with bots through text utterly tedious, have you considered speaking directly with an AI?

Chat.D-ID is a revolutionary web app that enables you to video chat with artificial intelligence in a human-like manner, making AI more accessible worldwide. It allows you to engage in natural and intelligent conversations on a wide range of topics, by bridging the gap between humans and machines.

The app has a user-friendly interface, and you can share your chats with friends and choose your own avatar. Users can also customize the model to answer as a character, which makes the app even more fun and engaging.

🪙 Pricing

  • Note: Chat.D-ID is currently in beta. Users can have up to 40 chats for free.


**Empowering emerging markets with high-quality tech education Tags: Education, Tech, Online Learning PH Launch: 18.03.2023 Upvotes: 1827 ▲

GoIT provides beginner-friendly courses in different areas

GoIT is an innovative learning management system (LMS) designed to jumpstart your career in technology. As an educational platform, it aims to revolutionize the way we learn by bringing joy and excitement to the process.

The platform provides you with all the necessary materials, including practice tests, in one place, making it easier for you to access and manage your learning resources. Their automated assessment system, which includes over 10,000 assignments, helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, by providing personalized feedback to improve your performance.

And you get to compete in real-time coding challenges, “Duels”, which are educational quiz-like games to help you improve your coding skills while having fun throughout your learning journey.

🪙 Pricing

  • Note: GoIT offers free marathons to learn the basics of each programming path. Advanced courses have custom prices.

4. GPT-4

***LLM that exhibits human-level performance Tags: Artificial Intelligence, API, Messaging * PH Launch: 14.03.2023 Upvotes: 1578 ▲

GPT-4 can process images as inputs, describe and analyze them

If ChatGPT was already a hit when it launched, wait till you see **GPT-4. 🤩

This new model from OpenAI is a large multimodal system that can accept both image and text inputs and generate text outputs. And it has been designed to exhibit human-level performance on various professional and academic benchmarks. For instance, it has passed a simulated bar exam with a score around the top 10% of test takers, which is a significant improvement from GPT-3.5!

One of the significant advantages of GPT-4 is its reliability, creativity, and ability to handle much more nuanced instructions than its predecessor, GPT-3.5. It can be augmented with test-time techniques developed for text-only language models, including few-shot and chain-of-thought prompting. It significantly reduces hallucinations relative to previous models, making it a promising development in scaling up deep learning.

🪙 Pricing

  • Note: GPT-4 API is currently on waitlist, you can sign up here. Once you have access, pricing is $0.03 per 1k prompt tokens and $0.06 per 1k completion tokens.

5. Anyone

**A radically different networking app Tags: Social Media, Audio, Social Networking PH Launch: 02.03.2023 Upvotes: 1446 ▲


Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through LinkedIn profiles or sending out dozens of emails to try and make a connection? Anyone was created to fill in that gap.

This revolutionary networking app focuses on quick five-minute phone calls, centered around pre-defined topics, making it easy to jump into a conversation with anyone. And with no messaging, scheduling, following, or video — the app is simple and straightforward to use.

It offers several unique features to help you expand your professional network. You can search or scroll through the feed to find interesting people to talk to, join Switchboards for speed networking, or even participate in Butt Dial, where you’ll be introduced to a new person every day and given a topic to chat about.

🪙 Pricing

  • Note:* Anyone is free to join. Speakers set their own rates, of which Anyone takes a 20% commission.*

Intermission: Curiosity

***Are you tired of searching through multiple platforms and accounts just to find a single file or message? Meet Curiosity, the ultimate all-in-one search tool 🔎

Curiosity: One search for everything

With Curiosity, you can easily search through all your data without having to upload anything anywhere. This means your information remains safely stored on your own computer, giving you complete control over it.

But that’s not all. Curiosity also connects with the tools you already use, including popular apps like Dropbox and Slack. This saves you time and makes your searches more efficient: you can quickly find what you’re looking for without frustration.

No need to waste time jumping from one platform to another when you can have everything you need in one place. 😉

🪙 Pricing

  • Starter plan: Free* (*up to 5 connected cloud apps)

  • Personal plan:** €3.99/month** *(*unlimited personal apps, search-in-files, schedule indexing)

  • Pro plan: €9.99/month (unlimited sources, faster indexing)

6. Collato

**Instant answers, zero effort Tags: Productivity, SaaS, Artificial Intelligence PH Launch: 15.03.2023 Upvotes: 1409 ▲

Join a connective thinking platform with Collato

**Collato** is a platform that aims to solve the challenges of today’s remote, fast-paced, and tool-heavy way of working. It functions as a collective brain for product teams, enabling managers to make information readily accessible to their team members in one space.

The app allows users to store documents in a knowledge map, where they will be connected and organized. Stakeholders can ask product-related questions and receive instant, human-like answers. It can help structure user research, build project wikis, and magnify product smarts by making data-driven decisions with ease.

The platform currently integrates with Google Drive, Confluence, Figma, Jira, and Miro.

🪙 Pricing

  • Note: Collato is currently free under beta access.

7. Attio

**Customizable, collaborative CRM for startups Tags: Productivity, Sales, Tech PH Launch: 03.03.2023 Upvotes: 1392 ▲

Sync your email and calendar in Attio to build the CRM you need

Attio is a CRM app that combines the power of advanced data architecture with the simplicity of no-code software. Its mission is to provide businesses with a beautiful and intuitive CRM that is powerful enough to scale with their growth.

You can create and mold your CRM to fit any business use case or workflow with Attio. It offers powerful features, including email and calendar sync, communication intelligence and data enrichment, a flexible data architecture, a super-fast UI, and a real-time reporting engine.

There’s also a Chrome extension for you to access your CRM from any webpage and always keep connected.

🪙 Pricing

  • Starter Plan:** Free** (real-time contact syncing, automatic data enrichment, up to 3 seats)

  • Plus plan: €29/month per user (private lists, enhanced email sending, no seat limits)

  • Pro plan:** €59/month per user** (fully adjustable permissions, advanced data enrichment)

  • Enterprise plan:** €119/month per user** (unlimited reporting, SAML and SSO, custom billing)

8. Hevy

**Log your workouts, track your progress & follow your friends Tags: Android, iOS, Health & Fitness PH Launch: 07.03.2023 Upvotes: 1383 ▲

Plan and track your workout routines with Hevy

**Hevy** is an app for gym-goers that offers simple workout logging, insightful analytics, and a motivating social experience with friends and others.

The app provides insightful analytics to help users examine their workout performance and offers a motivating social experience with friends and other gym athletes.

There are several features that make it stand out among its competitors, including live sync with Apple Watch, a plate calculator, rate of perceived exertion (RPE), the ability to add images and videos in the social feed, after-workout sharing images, a calendar, streaks, routine folders, athlete comparison, and more.

🪙 Pricing

  • Note: Hevy is free to download both on the App Store and on Google Play, with in-app purchases available.

9. Causal for Startups

**Put finance on autopilot Tags: Fintech, Analytics, SaaS PH Launch: 06.03.2023 Upvotes: 1263 ▲

Connect directly to your data to see runway and cash forecasts with Causal for Startups

Causal for Startups is a financial planning platform designed for early-stage companies looking to spend less time on planning and reporting, and more time growing your business.

With just a few clicks, you can connect your accounting and HR systems to see your revenue, expenses, and burn over time. The app lets you customize key assumptions to see an accurate view of your runway, explore multiple scenarios for different hiring and growth plans, and share interactive dashboards with your team and investors.

You can ask it, for example, “What’s our runway if we hire 2 more engineers?” — or “How can we actually 3x revenue next year?” — and get forecasts that can be put into practice with smart financial modeling.

🪙 Pricing

  • Starter plan: Free** (5 models, 50 category items, unlimited dashboards)

  • Startup plan:** $250/month** (2 members, unlimited models, 15 scenarios, 200 category items, standard data integrations, version comparison)

10. Trumpet

**Build collaborative buyer journeys in 30 seconds Tags: Sales, Marketing, Productivity PH Launch: 02.03.2023 Upvotes: 1221 ▲

Get actionable insights and behavioral analytics with Trumpet

**Trumpet** was created to speed up the sales cycle and make buying software a better experience. Its main feature are the Pods, auto-personalized microsites where buyers and sellers can collaborate to get a deal done, quicker.

These microsites are interactive, centralized, and trackable spaces where sellers can add all the content and buyers can make comments, annotations, and interact with mutual action plans.

Users also get actionable insights into how their prospects, customers, and partners are interacting with their Pods to better understand engagement and what content is working.

🪙 Pricing

  • Starter plan: Free (20 free Pods per company, unlimited integrations, full access to analytics, unlimited users per company)

  • Pro plan:** $29/month per user** (unlimited Pods and templates per user, security password protect)

Wrapping up

And voila! A glimpse into the amazing world of new AI-powered apps.✨

It’s fascinating to witness transformation in real-time, and the significance of learning and connecting with others in the field of AI.

The hard part now is choosing wisely which app to stick to! 😄

Which one of these ten caught your attention the most? Are there any other innovative apps that you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below!

And if you’re looking to speed up your life with a powerful search app, be sure to check out Curiosity. Happy app exploring! 😸 🚀

Methodological note

There are many ways to interpret: “Hottest in the month”. In case you’re wondering, here’s how we put together the list:

  • Check the most-upvoted list every day this month (ProductHunt Time Travel)

  • Check upvotes as of the day of collection (1st of the following month)

  • Select 10 apps with the most upvotes

That means the list is slightly biased towards apps that launched earlier in the month (more time to collect votes). However, since it contains apps from the entire month, we feel that small imprecision is acceptable. Upvote counts are from the day we pulled the data.

We also removed any projects related to NFTs, blockchains, and Web3. If you’re confused why, check out @web3isgreat or @smdiehl on Twitter.

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