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Unlock the Power of Evernote: Expert Tips to Find Your Notes in Seconds

Unlock the Power of Evernote: Expert Tips to Find Your Notes in Seconds

Find what you need, when you need it — learn how to search on Evernote like a pro and take back control of your productivity!

Do you have a love-hate relationship with note-taking on Evernote? 🤪

While it’s a great way to capture a huge amount of ideas and information in today’s digital world, finding what you need later on Evernote can be a nightmare.

But fear not — we have your back.

There are a couple of things you can do to find your notes and ideas in a breeze. Let’s walk you through how to search on Evernote and take your productivity to the next level! 😉

Curiosity: the end of endless searches

How to find anything on Evernote 🐘

Leave behind your worries. Here are six ways to optimize your search in Evernote.

1. The native search 🔍

Evernote has a native search bar, located in the sidebar at the top-left of your app on desktop, or in the bottom-right corner of your mobile — and you don’t need to be an expert to use it effectively.

You can open it with Win + Shift + F on Windows or Opt + Cmd + F on Mac, then just type in some keywords or phrases and go. Evernote will search through all of your notes and show you the ones that contain your search term.

For example, if you’re looking for a note about a specific client, you could simply type their name into the search bar. Evernote will then show you all of the notes that mention that client’s name.

2. Quickly switch to search, note, notebook, or tag 🏷️

The Quick Switcher keyboard shortcut, Ctrl + Q on Windows or** Cmd + J** on Mac, is a great path to make your way around Evernote on desktop.

It allows you to search for notes, notebooks, or tags from any part of the app, and to quickly switch to them.

3. Use search filters 📊

You can always filter your searches to narrow down your results — which is particularly useful if you don’t remember exactly what text was in a note, but you do remember that it contained a specific name or attachment, or was created last month.

Filters will appear in the search dropdown if you have that type of content — or you can type the name of the filter into the search bar and click to apply it.

Some of the filters available on Evernote: Addresses, Attachments, Audio, Dates, Email addresses, Google Drive, Images, Lists, Phone numbers, Tables, URLs, Video, and Webclips.

4. Search by geographic location 🌎

You can search by geographic location on Evernote to track down any note you took on your mobile phone with location tracking enabled.

This is perfect for finding notes you took while traveling for work or vacation since these notes will be linked to the place you were.

For instance, you remember noting something down during a meeting in Los Angeles. Get the approximate coordinates from the place you were, and use Evernote’s advanced search syntax to search by latitude and longitude.

5. Use boolean search 🔁

Boolean search is a way to make your searches on Evernote more focused and productive. Just use a few special operators to combine or exclude keywords in your search:* AND, OR, NOT, and ( ).*

For example, if you type:

  • sales AND marketing” ⇨ search results only include pages that contain both sales and marketing

  • sales OR marketing” ⇨ search results include pages that talk about either sales or marketing (or both)

  • “sales NOT marketing” ⇨ you’ll get pages that talk about sales, but don’t mention marketing at all

  • “(sales OR marketing) AND revenue” ⇨ you’ll get pages that talk about either sales or marketing, but also include the word revenue

6. Search Evernote with Curiosity 😸

If the standard Evernote search is not giving you what you need — or if you find it too confusing to find anything — you might enjoy Curiosity.

This search app can explore Evernote notes, notebooks, and tags** — including attachments** — super quickly. ⚡

Powerful and safe, Curiosity gives you even more control over what you’re searching for

Just connect your Evernote account, and **Curiosity** does everything. Its smart search engine is very intuitive, with extra features to make your experience even more effective. For example, you can use advanced search operators, group keywords, get partial or exact matches, and even search for text in images and scanned PDFs. 🖼️

You can save your usual searches on Evernote inside ‘Spaces’, so you can easily go back to past queries or share search results with your colleagues — without having to move your content anywhere.

And if that’s not enough, you can integrate with multiple other apps like Gmail, Slack, Purecloud, OneDrive, your local folders, and more — and search everything at once. It’s like having your own personal search assistant! 🕵️

You can use the free plan, or upgrade to Pro for more features.

Wrapping up

Whether you’re using Evernote for personal or professional purposes, it’s an essential tool for staying organized and productive. 💫

By following the tips and tricks we’ve outlined in this blog post, you can easily find the notes and ideas you need on Evernote, when you need them.

While there are effective ways of searching on Evernote by tags, dates, and geographical locations — there are cases when even those won’t help. For that, you can count on **Curiosity** to go through everything, and take your productivity to the next level! 🚀

We hope that these tips can help you save time and stay organized. Let us know if you have another valuable tip for searching Evernote! 😉

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Curiosity: the end of endless searches

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