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Live Streaming in 2023: The Best Platforms to Choose From 📽️✨

Live Streaming in 2023: The Best Platforms to Choose From

From gaming to business, there’s a platform for every type of live streaming and audience — for you to take your content to the next level

Are you ready to make a splash in the world of live streaming? Looking to up your game in 2023? You’re in luck!

We’ve compiled a list of the top 6 live streaming platforms to consider — with a variety of features to impress your audience. If you want to get in on the action, it’s important to choose it right!

Whether you’re a gamer, a business owner, a content creator, or just looking for a platform for occasional personal use — there’s one out there for you!

Let’s dive in and see the best options available!

The Best Live Streaming Platforms in 2023 ✨

1. YouTube Live 📺

Best for: Social Media Influencers

You can start streaming on YouTube Live with no subscriber limit on your computer

As the world’s largest video-sharing and social media platform, YouTube Live offers a variety of features for live streaming events and broadcasts. With over 2.6 billion monthly users, you can reach a massive audience on this platform.

To get started the first time, you’ll need to verify your channel up to 24 hours in advance — the next streamings can be done instantly. It is very user-friendly, and you can live stream from your computer, mobile, or tablet (these last two, provided that you have at least 50 subscribers).

YouTube Live also allows you to monetize your content, schedule your streams in advance, and integrate with other Google tools. You can track your live video analytics, and live chat is an easy way to engage with your public.

🪙 YouTube Live Pricing

Note: YouTube Live streaming is completely free to use, you just need to meet their requirements. Ways to earn revenue on YouTube Live streaming include ads, SuperChat and SuperStickers for the Live Chat.

2. Twitch 🎮

Best for: Gamers

Stream directly from your Xbox or Playstation on Twitch

Known for its gaming content, Twitch has become a popular American platform for engaging with your preferred video game audience through live streaming, including broadcasting of esports competitions, music broadcasts, and creative content.

It offers features such as chat integration, emotes, and donations from viewers. Anyone can live stream on Twitch from a PC, Mac, laptop, mobile phone, or a game console such as Xbox and Playstation, and form a dedicated community with your niche.

If you reach all the necessary achievements, you’ll be invited to be part of Twitch’s Affiliate program — and get access to new tools such as a subscription button and a custom emote. If you succeed at the Affiliate level, you can apply to be a Twitch Partner and get additional benefits.

🪙 Twitch Pricing

Note: You can live stream for free at Twitch. Partners and Affiliates get revenue from running ads on their channels, and viewers can subscribe to your channel for a set price per month.

3. Facebook Live

Best for: Brands, Non-technical Streamers

Go live from an individual page, a group page, or within an event on Facebook Live

With over 2.9 billion monthly users, Facebook Live lets you easily stream and distribute to a large audience on the world’s biggest social media platform. Its simplicity allows brands to live stream a quick interview, a Q&A, a performance, or even an event, with no hassle, directly from your Meta page, and optimize features for further distribution.

If you meet some requirements under your business page, you can unlock some monetization options on Facebook. This will allow you to interact with your audience through Facebook Stars — which means fans can buy and send Stars in the comments of a live video on Facebook. For each star received, you earn $0.01 USD.

With plenty of features such as real-time commenting, live reactions, and the ability to save and share your streams, Facebook Live is highly recommended to build your brand awareness, increase online sales, and build your audience.

🪙 Facebook Live Pricing

Note: Facebook Live is free to use and you can monetize your content, provided that you meet some requirements, through Facebook Stars and Subscriptions.

4. Instagram Live 🤳

Best for: Social Media Influencers

Live streaming on Instagram is only available to mobile phones

While part of the same Meta family, Instagram Live differs a bit from Facebook Live, mainly in its niche and availability. Instagram users are on average younger than Facebook users, and this makes it the ideal platform for social media influencers all around — especially if you already have a big audience on Instagram. However, it limits streaming only from Android and IOS devices.

Some cool features include the option to limit the time a video is visible — if not shared to IGTV, your live stream will only be available for 24 hours. You can create push notifications to let users know when you’ll be live, and show real-time views, reactions, and comments.

The biggest differences between Instagram Live and Facebook Live are that Instagram videos will be kept more private — meaning that comments made within a live stream on Instagram will only be visible to viewers on that stream, and saved lives cannot be added to a playlist or distribution tool.

🪙 Instagram Live Pricing

Note: Instagram Live is free to use, and there isn’t a direct way of monetizing content. If you’re a nonprofit organization, you can create fundraisers and raise donations directly on Instagram, according to the country or region you’re based.

5. StreamYard 📡

Best for: Business Professionals

Personalize your streaming with your brand, logo, video clips, and presentations on StreamYard

StreamYard is a reliable and user-friendly platform to live stream your content in a professional setting, whether you’re a brand connecting with your global community, an influencer inspiring your followers, a creator engaging with your audience, a leader creating a movement, or anyone in between.

There are customizable branding options, including logos and lower thirds, multistreaming to up to 8 destinations, screen sharing, green screen capabilities, full HD (1080p), and customizable banners, backgrounds, and overlays. You can even choose from 7 video layout templates to make your stream stand out.

You can stream to multiple platforms at once, schedule your streams in advance, and invite guests to join your broadcast. Plus, you can interact with viewers by showing their comments on screen, and leave participants backstage until it’s time for them to go live.

🪙 StreamYard Pricing

Note: these pricings are for individuals on a yearly basis. For businesses, StreamYard offers different plans.

  • Starter plan: free (all core studio features, 6 on-screen participants, 2 seats, up to 20h/month)

  • Basic plan:** $20/month** (no StreamYard logo, unlimited streaming/local recordings, 10 on-screen participants, multistream to 3 destinations)

  • Professional plan: $39/month (StreamYard On-Air for 250 viewers, full HD, extra camera, 12 backstage participants, 4 seats, multistream to 8 destinations)

6. Wirecast 📽️

Best for: Business Professionals

Create professional and high-quality video output with Wirecast

Wirecast is a powerful live streaming software that allows you to create professional-quality broadcasts using one tool. It provides multi-camera switching, real-time compositing, and the ability to stream to multiple platforms at once — as if you were working in a TV mixing studio.

There’s an integrated stock media library and hundreds of titles, overlays, and graphics to choose from. You can personalize everything in your streaming, including transitions and audio effects.

Wirecast also integrates with many stream destinations, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Vimeo, and has a built-in comments display, live viewer counts, and polling section, according to the platform you’re using.

🪙 Wirecast Pricing

Note: Wirecast is available with a Lifetime License, and pricing is the same for Windows and Mac. You can try Wirecast for free here.

  • Wirecast Studio: $599 (unlimited inputs, 2 remote guests, advanced audio mixer, integrated stock media library, unlimited destination outputs, 1–4 slot Multi-viewer output)

  • Wirecast Pro:** $799** (7 remote guests, ISO record of individual sources, PTZ camera control, multi-track audio recording, pro audio controls and effects, sports production, 1–17 slot Multi-viewer output)

Wrapping up

And that’s it! Our top picks for live streaming platforms in 2023. 🌎

From business professionals to gamers, social media influencers, brands, and non-profit organizations, there’s a live streaming platform that matches your needs and that will help you reach new heights.

We hope this list has been helpful in choosing the right one for you. Now, go ahead and start streaming — the world is waiting!

In the meantime, if you’re looking for an integrated search tool to connect all your apps, media, and accounts, be sure to check Curiosity. 😉🚀

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