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A Cost-Effective Alternative to Calendly: Discover neetoCal

A Cost-Effective Alternative to Calendly: Discover neetoCal

With low-cost and high-impact, neetoCal offers a sustainable approach to affordable meeting scheduling and is a strong competitor for Calendly.

Schedule your meetings and set personal meeting reminders easily with neetoCal

In a market saturated with scheduling software options like the major player Calendly, it can be tricky to find worthy alternatives — not to mention the high prices charged to even use just the basics of these apps.

Pricing can be particularly important for small businesses and startups who may have limited budgets. The cost of having different calendar schedules, additional events, or multiple users can quickly add up, putting a strain on financial resources and growth limitations for someone who’s just starting.

And that’s precisely why neetoCal has caught our attention.

What is neetoCal?

**NeetoCal** is a scheduling app to organize the never-ending struggle of finding the perfect meeting time — with an affordable pricing scheme and a feature-rich platform. 100% bootstrapped, neetoCal is a by-product of BigBinary, a Ruby on Rails and React.js consulting company.

For extra convenience, neetoCal is available for Android and iOS

Sustainable Growth

Rather than focusing on hypergrowth and spending heavily on marketing and sales, BigBinary prioritizes sustainable growth by utilizing the team’s expertise and ensuring that developers are continuously engaged and learning.

This approach may result in slower growth but significantly reduces expenses, making the company more sustainable in the long run. By avoiding unnecessary expenses, neetoCal can keep its pricing low and compete effectively in the market.

How does neetoCal stand out from competitors?

The abundance of players offering similar features has turned scheduling software into a commodity. However, neetoCal embraces this reality and leverages it to offer its services at a competitive price.

neetoCal integrates with the biggest companies


We’re talking seamless integration with Google Calendar, so you can manage your meetings with ease; with Stripe (and shortly with Square and Paypal too), for financial transactions like payments ahead of sessions; with Zoom and, for you to conduct your online meetings directly; and with Slack, for notifications straight to your Slack channels.


All plans — both Basic and Pro — allow *unlimited team members+ and meetings, which really makes a difference for the typical starting user. Add to that the possibility of multiple meeting types per user, and we already have a strong contender.

But that’s not all. Common features include personalized branding, email notification, custom availability, meeting reminder, cancellation and rescheduling policies, custom questions, mobile apps, Round Robin scheduling, buffer time, and a whole lot more.

Set your availability as you go with their mobile version

And for those recurring bookings that keep your business thriving — whether it’s music classes, yoga sessions, or therapy appointments, there’s a feature in the works that lets your clients book in advance and get charged right before their actual session.

Pro Plan

If you see that the platform is exactly what you need to grow, the Pro plan lets you create a custom domain for your meeting links, and customize it without neeto branding. It also offers the possibility of payment splitting — say you run a**** marketplace where you divide payments with your service provider, neetoCal has you covered.

Set up questions directly on neetoCal to know more about your client

How much does neetoCal cost?

Despite being bootstrapped and without VC funding, neetoCal manages to keep its costs low while still providing a high-quality product. Check below for their competitive pricing in the industry.

Pricing 🪙

  • Basic plan: Free (no credit card required, unlimited team members, meetings, and more)

  • Pro plan:** $4/month per user** or $2/month per user yearly (custom domain, payment splitting, remove neeto branding)

Wrapping up

While **neetoCal** is still a newcomer in the scheduling software industry, its cost-effective approach and commitment to providing a robust platform definitely make it a promising alternative to established players like Calendly.

With so many interesting features available on their Basic plan, we encourage you to explore the platform firsthand and determine if neetoCal is the right choice for your scheduling needs.

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