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10 Hottest Innovations to Kickstart 2024: Product Hunt’s Best Picks

10 Hottest Apps to Kickstart 2024: Product Hunt’s Best Picks

Meet the 10 most upvoted apps in December — via ProductHunt.

Hey there, app-hunters! 😎

While we’re all busy jotting down resolutions — with the clink of champagne glasses still echoing, the**** *Product Hunt**** community* has been hard at work, choosing and testing the best apps that were launched in the past month.

As always, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 apps from December for you to rejoice: there are tools to redefine Productivity, AI, Marketing, Design Tools, Task Management, and much more.

Hottest Apps in December 2023, according to the Product Hunt community

Let’s raise our screens in a toast to these exciting new apps and get ready to revolutionize our routines!

Curiosity: your AI assistant, search engine, and much more!

1. FuseBase

***Client collaboration platform for professional services *Tags: Productivity, Customer Success, SaaS PH Launch: 11.12.2023 Upvotes: 1960 ▲

Say goodbye to using separate tools for project management and client collaboration with FuseBase

**FuseBase** (formerly known as Nimbus) isn’t just a tool — it’s your partner in professional services success, ensuring higher client satisfaction and referrals.

The app combines internal strategy workspaces and external client portals into one seamless platform. It’s designed to keep your team organized and your clients engaged without the complexity, freeing you up to focus on billable hours and strategic growth.

With lightweight project management and knowledge management tools to keep your internal team on track, FuseBase offers your clients a personalized, stress-free portal experience that will enhance your professional image.

🪙 Pricing

  • Free Forever plan: Free (1 client portal, unlimited nested folders, powerful editor, document scanner, shared pages)

  • Standard plan: $9/month per user (1 member included, 1 workspace, 1 client portal, unlimited pages, search in images and docs)

  • Plus plan: $12/month per user (3 members included, 5 workspaces, 5 client portals, 20 client accounts, 3 guests per member, portal access management)

  • Premium plan: $30/month per user (5 members included, 15 workspaces, 15 client portals, 3 guests per member, white label solution)

2. D-ID Creative Reality

***Animate any face, anytime, anywhere, right from your phone *Tags: IOS, Artificial Intelligence, Photo & Video PH Launch: 04.12.2023 Upvotes: 1941 ▲

Quickly craft realistic AI-powered videos right from your smartphone with D-ID Creative Reality

D-ID’s Creative Reality Studio Mobile App is your new secret weapon to make standout videos in a snap. Create realistic digital humans to elevate your content, all while cutting down on time and costs.

The app’s a breeze to use: pick your AI avatar, script your message, customize the voice and language, then hit “Generate”. You’ll get professional-looking videos in seconds — anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re teaching, promoting, or entertaining, this app’s got your back.

Use it to make an impression without the hassle. Imagine whipping up a last-minute campaign or a captivating tutorial with ease. Just choose, script, customize, and create.

Caught in a content crunch? The D-ID app transforms your process, helping you stand out in the digital crowd. Just download the app from the App Store or Google Play and watch your content soar!

🪙 Pricing

  • Studio Trial plan: Free (5 minutes of video, 1 credit = up to 15 s of video, Personal license, full-screen watermark, limited support, Premium & Standard presenters, 15 AI presenters prompt generations, AI script generations, Canva and PowerPoint plugins)

  • Studio Lite plan: $4.7/month (10 minutes of video, D-ID watermark, Silver support, Standard presenters only, 50 AI presenters prompt generations, AI script generations)

  • API Trial plan: Free (5 minutes of video, 1/2 a credit = up to 15 sec of streaming video, full-screen watermark, Premium & Standard presenters, expression control, voice style control, voice pitch & rate control, unlimited uploads, live streaming)

  • API Build plan: $14.4/month (16 minutes of video or 32 minutes of streaming video, Personal license, D-ID watermark, Silver support, Standard presenters, use your own S3 storage, subtitles (STR file), premium voices)

3. Swit 2.0

***Essential work tools for maximum efficiency at minimal cost *Tags: Productivity, Marketing, Task Management, No-Code PH Launch: 05.12.2023 Upvotes: 1421 ▲

Stop flipping through tabs and tools with Swit 2.0

Swit 2.0 is here to streamline your digital workspace, merging messaging, project management, and essential integrations into one seamless hub.

The app welcomes a world where your communication channels, projects, and files play nicely in one window. Having Google Workspace and MS365 at your fingertips alongside tailored plug-ins means you’re equipped for anything, all while staying in sync with your team.

Think of cross-functional projects where collaboration is key. With Swit 2.0, you can access a second workspace in a side panel, view tasks without screen switching, and track all notifications in one organized menu.

Plus, drag-and-drop file sharing and customizable plug-in options make it your personal productivity playground.

🪙 Pricing

  • Free plan: Free (up to 2 workspaces, 5GB / organization storage, 25MB attachment, access to 1 year of message history, up to 5 integrations unlimited channels, projects and chats, basic features for projects)

  • Startup plan:** $1.5/month per user** (5GB / user storage, 1GB attachment, unlimited message history, unlimited integrations, full functionality of projects and channels, plug-ins available)

  • Growth plan: $6/month per user (up to 5 workspaces, 20GB / user storage)

  • Business plan: $11/month per user (up to 10 workspaces, 100GB / user storage, SAML-based SSO)

  • Business Pro plan: $24/month per user (1TB / user storage, two-factor authentication audit logs, file download control, advanced file preview, watermark in file preview)

4. LogoFast

***Make beautiful logos with AI, fast & free *Tags: Design Tools, Artificial Intelligence, Logo Design PH Launch: 20.12.2023 Upvotes: 1419 ▲

Quick-fix a logo for your business with LogoFast

LogoFast is a straightforward, no-frills logo creator that’s pretty basic. It’s there to give you a quick start on your logo creation process, without the wait or cost usually involved.

Just pick your style, choose an icon, and add some flair — or let AI do it all for you. It’s a nice temporary solution for a quick draft that comes in handy. But if you’re looking for something more robust and tailored, you’ll want to explore more advanced options.

🪙 Pricing

Note: Logofast is available for free with a browser version.

5. Monica 4.0

***Chat, search, read, write and translate with AI *Tags: Productivity, Writing, Artificial Intelligence PH Launch: 28.12.2023 Upvotes: 1374 ▲

Make your workflow feel like a breeze with Monica 4.0

If your digital workbench feels cluttered with different tools for chatting, writing, translating, or even dabbling in a bit of design, Monica 4.0 is an app for you. Imagine cutting through your daily tasks with one slick AI assistant, ready to tackle everything from chatting to creating art.

Monica’s arsenal is loaded with top-tier AI models like GPT4, Claude, and Bard. Beyond chat and translation, you can craft documents, edit content, and even create art from a simple sentence.

Got a bunch of images, videos, or PDFs to handle? Monica’s got tools for those too. When crunch time hits, Monica’s your trusty co-pilot, helping you keep cool, creative, and on track.

🪙 Pricing

  • Monica Pro plan: $8.3/month (5000 queries, 100 GPT-4 queries, 100 Claude-2 queries, 100 Claude 100k queries, 200 images, AI reading assistant, AI writing assistant, no request limits during high-traffic periods)

  • Monica Pro+ plan: $16.6/month (10000 queries, 200 GPT-4 queries, 200 Claude-2 queries, 200 Claude 100k queries, 400 images)

  • Unlimited plan: $24.9/month (unlimited queries, unlimited GPT-4, unlimited Claude-2, unlimited Claude 100K, 600 images)

Intermission: Curiosity

***Instantly search through all your folders, apps, and accounts Meet **Curiosity, the ultimate all-in-one search tool, command bar and AI Assistant 🔎

Curiosity: connect all your apps and inboxes for search, chat with your files, and autoreply any message

**Curiosity** is the one search bar for all your work. It connects with your tools like Evernote, Notion, and Slack, to give you one integrated search! That saves time and helps you stay in the flow.

Curiosity also gives you a shortcut to instantly launch programs, join meetings, open folders, and search your clipboard history.

And it gets even better: With the AI Assistant, Curiosity puts the power of ChatGPT at your fingertips. You can use it to summarize or translate documents, auto-reply to emails, and ask questions about your files.


No need to waste time jumping from one app to another when you can have everything you need in one place, right?

🪙 Pricing

Note: Curiosity offers a 14-day free trial of the Pro plan. Learn how to get it here.

  • Starter plan: Free* (*up to 5 cloud apps, Spaces, unified inbox and calendar, command bar, clipboard manager, contacts, notes)

  • Personal plan:** €3.99/month** *(*unlimited personal apps and Spaces, search-in-files, indexing scheduling, AI assistant)

  • Pro plan: €9.99/month (unlimited sources, professional apps, faster indexing, AI assistant)

  • *Teams plan:+ €9.99/month per user (Workspaces, shared commands, AI assistant, unified billing)

6. Zocket

***The ultimate GenAI advertising powerhouse *Tags: Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Social Media Marketing PH Launch: 25.12.2023 Upvotes: 1360 ▲

Create and monitor your campaign in real time with Zocket

Wrestling with ad managers and feeling like you’re in a maze of complex settings? **Zocket** is your shortcut to creating and launching standout Facebook and Instagram ads with ease.

This GenAI ad powerhouse is all about getting your brand’s message out there — fast, smart, and with a personal touch that resonates with your audience. It uses deep learning to cook up customized ad copies and taglines that hit the right emotional chords.

Crank out compelling ad copy, launch campaigns in a snap, and manage all your social messages in one spot. Real-time campaign insights mean you’re always in the know, tweaking and steering your ads for maximum impact.

🪙 Pricing

  • Yearly plan:** $100/month** (AI-powered ad creation, smart ad targeting, real-time insights, seamless customer engagement, advanced optimization)


***AI based platform, over 1500 AI tools, no coding *Tags: Marketing, Developer Tools, Artificial Intelligence PH Launch: 14.12.2023 Upvotes: 1336 ▲

Integrate AI and reduce costs with

If your business is itching to step into the AI realm without getting bogged down by code, this is your golden ticket. is a no-fuss, no-code gateway to AI for business trailblazers, with a hefty toolbox of over 1,500 AIs ready to simplify your operations.

It’s like building an AI-infused business with Lego blocks — quick and easy. The app lets you stack AI tools with a unified API/SDK, so you can do it faster and more cost-effectively.

You connect the dots quickly, bring your vision to life with ease, and get a leg up on the competition, all thanks to its power and simplicity.

🪙 Pricing

  • Base plan: $192/year (240 credits, simple AI tasks, beginner-friendliness)

  • Creator plan: $480/year (660 credits, full AI power, complex automation, advanced features)

  • Business plan: $960/year (1380 credits, AI business integration, API/SDK access, priority support)

8. Dubbing AI

***Change your voice to anyone in realtime with AI, for free *Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Audio PH Launch: 01.12.2023 Upvotes: 1159 ▲

Enhance your gaming and streaming experiences with Dubbing AI

Ever dreamed of chatting in your favorite character’s voice, or wanted a celeb to crash your livestream? Dubbing AI is about to be your new best friend. This nifty app lets you swap your voice in real-time, capturing all your natural expressions and quirks.

It stands out with slick features: any-to-any voice conversion without a hitch, seamless integration with almost all apps like Discord and Twitch, and it’s a breeze on your PC’s resources.

On the horizon are self-service voice cloning with just a minute of audio, and accent translation to add that extra flair to your persona.

The app works on Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android, and you can plug Dubbing AI’s SDK into your own apps for real-time voice-changing.

🪙 Pricing

Note: Dubbing AI is available for free with 15 new voices every week. If you want, you can pay to unlock voice characters permanently.

9. Taskade AI Mobile

AI productivity at your fingertips: your mobile second brain Tags: Android, Productivity, TaskManagement PH Launch: 15.12.2023 Upvotes: 1088 ▲

Taskade AI Mobile turns your project chats into AI-driven task management and creative workflows

Do you find yourself buried under endless tasks and wish you had a genie to organize your thoughts and to-dos?

Taskade AI Mobile is your digital genie-in-a-bottle, ready to power up your project planning and execution on the go. Whether you’re a content creator, project manager, or sales guru, this app turns your mobile device into an AI-powered productivity powerhouse.

This app isn’t just about getting things done; it’s about getting them done better and faster. Chat with documents, craft strategies, and manage tasks with AI smarts. With Taskade AI’s Project Studio and /Slash Commands, you can conjure up content, fine-tune workflows, and supercharge collaboration on the fly.

🪙 Pricing

  • Free plan: Free (1,000 AI credits/month, 1 workspace, 3 users included, 250 MB storage, 7-day version history, task lists, mind maps, flowcharts, kanban boards, calendars)

  • Starter plan:** $4/month** (Taskade AI, custom AI agents, 2 GB storage, 30-day version history, calendar integration and syncing, guest sharing and links)

  • Plus plan:** $7/month** (2 workspaces, 5 users included, 5 GB storage, 3-month version history, Cloud upload integration with Google Drive, Dropbox)

  • *Pro plan:+ $16/month (AI automations and flows, 5 workspaces, 10 users included, 20 GB storage, 6-month version history, advanced team permissions, password protection)

  • *Business plan:+ $15/month per user (20 workspaces, 100 GB storage, 1-year version history, external team collaboration, 5000+ automations and integrations, multi-factor authentication)

  • *Ultimate plan:+ $15/month per user (unlimited workspaces, 1,000 GB storage, unlimited version history, unlimited collaboration, SSO access via Okta, Google, and Microsoft Azure, organization-wide deployment with SCIM, SIEM, audit logs)

10. Zenpreneur

Build a profitable business without burning out Tags: Productivity, Social Networking, Community PH Launch: 13.12.2023 Upvotes: 1075 ▲

Join a community of like-minded with Zenpreneur

Zenpreneur is a community designed to fuel your journey to becoming a thriving business owner — minus the burnout.

Imagine having a place to recharge, focus your energy, and break through barriers with a crowd that gets it.

The community tackles the chaos of entrepreneurship head-on, helping you find clarity amidst the noise. With resources that guide you, and support from peers who’ve been there, you’re no longer fighting the battle solo — so you can supercharge your path towards becoming a profit-making business owner in no time.

🪙 Pricing

Note: the Zenpreneur community is free to join.

Wrapping up

That rounds up our top picks for December and sets you up with the arsenal you need to tackle 2024 head-on. 🔥

With tools catering to every facet of the digital experience, you’re all set to optimize, revolutionize, and maximize your potential. After all, what better way to kick off a new year than by supercharging your workflow with the hottest innovations out there?

So give these apps a try and discover how their innovations can transform the way you engage with technology — and the world!

And don’t miss out on Curiosity: your all-in-one platform that brings together advanced search, launcher, email, clipboard, and AI assistance! 🚀

Methodological note

There are many ways to interpret: “Hottest in the month”. In case you’re wondering, here’s how we put together the list:

  • Check the most-upvoted list every day this month (ProductHunt Time Travel)

  • Check upvotes as of the day of collection (1st of the following month)

  • Select 10 apps with the most upvotes

That means the list is slightly biased towards apps that launched earlier in the month (more time to collect votes). However, since it contains apps from the entire month, we feel that small imprecision is acceptable. Upvote counts are from the day we pulled the data.

We also removed any projects related to NFTs, blockchains, and Web3. If you’re confused why, check out @web3isgreat or @smdiehl on Twitter.

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