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Top Apps in 2023: Best-of-the-best from Product Hunt

Top Apps in 2023: Best-of-the-best from Product Hunt

Explore the apps that captured hearts and screens alike in 2023 and join the buzz of tech innovation.

This past year has been a rollercoaster of technological breakthroughs, and what better way to reminisce than by exploring the hottest apps that soared to the top on Product Hunt? 🥇

From ingenious Productivity apps to Marketing, Design, Sales, and Developer tools, each month brought us something to marvel at — courtesy of a community that knows tech best.

Let’s unwrap the most buzz-worthy products that have reshaped our digital experiences in 2023!

Best apps of 2023, according to monthly votes by the Product Hunt community

*Votes refer to the day of collection (1st of the following month of launch).

Curiosity: your AI assistant, search engine, and much more!

1. HyperSwitch

***Fast, reliable, and affordable open source payments switch *Tags: API, Open Source, User Experience PH Launch: 23.01.2023 Upvotes: 2182 ▲

Integrate HyperSwitch into your website to simplify payment ops

Our January winner, HyperSwitch is a cutting-edge payment routing solution that offers a unified API for connecting to multiple payment processors and offering diverse payment methods to customers.

The platform is designed to improve conversion rates, reduce costs, simplify payment operations, and provide full control over payments. By integrating with a single API or SDK, businesses can save valuable time and effort on payment operations and instead focus on their core products and customer service.

🪙 Pricing

Note: the open-source version of the product is 100% free and you can download and use it under the open-source Apache 2.0 License

  • Hosted version: $ 0.04 per successful transaction (full-stack solution, integration, and ongoing support)

2. Bento

***A link in bio, but rich and beautiful *Tags: Social Network, Social Media, Website Builder PH Launch: 15.02.2023 Upvotes: 2033 ▲

Showcase yourself to the world with Bento

**Bento** is a place for you to show off everything you are, create, and sell, on a beautiful and personalized page. Add your social media links, and incorporate pictures, videos, and gifs — even to your avatar, with a drag-and-drop design that works as smoothly as possible.

Unlike similar apps, you can add any links you want and fully customize link previews — have you ever wished for more? Smart widgets are also available to engage with your audience, such as tweet embeds, Substack subscription links, and even YouTube video displays.

Shortly after being featured on Product Hunt, the February winner was acquired by Linktree and they now work in collaboration — another proof of their immense success at delivering what the tech community needed.

🪙 Pricing

Note: Bento is completely free to use.

3. Chat by

***A smarter ChatGPT to help you get more done *Tags: Productivity, Marketing, Artificial Intelligence PH Launch: 08.03.2023 Upvotes: 4793 ▲

Get past that creative block with Chat by

In March, we saw the launch of Chat by, an AI-powered chat with real-time data to help users get things done more efficiently — unlike GPT-3, which was only trained on data up to 2021.

This ability to search the web for the most up-to-date responses and cite sources makes this app an excellent tool for research, for instance. Users can also accomplish a variety of tasks, including writing any content they need, summarizing websites, YouTube videos, and articles, repurposing long-form content in social media posts and vice versa, and brainstorming new ideas and approaches to any problem.

There are prebuilt prompts to facilitate and guide you through the creation of personalized sales emails, SEO-friendly blog posts, and content repurposing, and an intuitive dashboard with an inline doc editor for you to cut, copy, paste, and polish your way into long-form content in minutes.

🪙 Pricing

  • Basic plan: Free (1 user seat, 2000 words per month, 200 Bonus Credits)

  • Pro plan:** $49/month** (5 user seats, unlimited words, 500 Workflow Credits)

  • Team plan: $249/month (20 user seats, unlimited words, 3K workflow credits)

  • Growth plan: $1,333/month (75 user seats, unlimited words, 20K workflow credits)

  • Scale plan: $4,000/month (200 user seats, unlimited words, 75K workflow credits)

4. Rask AI

***Say it in any language, AI based, sounds as good as a human *Tags: Productivity, Artificial Intelligence, Tech PH Launch: 04.04.2023 Upvotes: 1400 ▲

Translate and dub videos automatically with Rask AI

April’s hottest launch was aimed at content creators looking to expand their reach to audiences worldwide, and marketing teams seeking to adapt their video content for different channels and maximize reach and engagement.

**Rask AI** came as a new-generation translation and dubbing tool to make it easy to localize your video content and voiceovers into more than 60 languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Turkish — and reach a global audience.

The app allows you to translate subtitles for mute formats — which is perfect for platforms like Tiktok and Instagram Reels. It’s also easy to adapt your content to new markets by translating both your voice and subtitles. Other features include multispeaker detection and translation, and VoiceCloning.

🪙 Pricing

Note: the open-source version of the product is 100% free and you can download and use it under the open-source Apache 2.0 License.

  • Basic plan:** $50/month** (translate & dubbing 25min/month, additional mins for $2/min, multispeaker lip-sync feature (1-min trial))

  • Pro plan: $120/month (translate & dubbing 100min/month, additional mins for $1.5/min, multispeaker lip-sync feature)

  • Business 500 plan: $120/month (translate & dubbing 500min/month, additional mins for $1/min, multispeaker lip-sync feature)

5. Dora AI

***Generating powerful websites, one prompt at a time *Tags: Design Tools, Artificial Intelligence, No-Code PH Launch: 17.05.2023 Upvotes: 3751 ▲

Dora AI’s 3D interaction generator can transform static designs into immersive experiences

The first-place winner in May was Dora AI, an app to revolutionize website design! With just a single prompt, you can generate powerful websites that are fueled by AI 3D animation — did someone say no code involved?

With its Text-to-Website feature, you simply input a line of text, and it will generate stunning and fully editable websites for you. And you can elevate your designs by transforming Static to 3D, a feature that adds captivating 3D interactions to give your website a new dimension and captivate your visitors.

Finally, there’s Advanced AI Animation inside Dora AI, which automates the animation process and saves you hours of manual work. With AI by your side, Dora AI challenges the traditional approach to web design and creates visually stunning, interactive websites effortlessly.

🪙 Pricing

  • Starter plan: Free (full capability of Dora editor, domain, Dora Banner, 1k visitors/month)

  • Basic plan: $14/month (custom domain, remove Dora banner, 10 MB / 3D model, 3 keyframe drivers, 1 3D model, 10k visitors/month)

  • Pro plan: $25/month (3D post-processing, 50 MB / 3D model, unlimited keyframe drivers, unlimited 3D model, 100k visitors/month)

Intermission: Curiosity

***Instantly search through all your folders, apps, and accounts Meet **Curiosity, the ultimate all-in-one search tool, command bar and AI Assistant 🔎

Curiosity: connect all your apps and inboxes for search, chat with your files, and autoreply any message

**Curiosity** is the one search bar for all your work. It connects with your tools like Evernote, Notion, and Slack, to give you one integrated search! That saves time and helps you stay in the flow.

Curiosity also gives you a shortcut to instantly launch programs, join meetings, open folders, and search your clipboard history.

And it gets even better: With the AI Assistant, Curiosity puts the power of ChatGPT at your fingertips. You can use it to summarize or translate documents, auto-reply to emails, and ask questions about your files.


No need to waste time jumping from one app to another when you can have everything you need in one place, right?

🪙 Pricing

Note: Curiosity offers a 14-day free trial of the Pro plan. Learn how to get it here.

  • Starter plan: Free* (*up to 5 cloud apps, Spaces, unified inbox and calendar, command bar, clipboard manager, contacts, notes)

  • Personal plan:** €3.99/month** *(*unlimited personal apps and Spaces, search-in-files, indexing scheduling, AI assistant)

  • Pro plan: €9.99/month (unlimited sources, professional apps, faster indexing, AI assistant)

  • *Teams plan:+ €9.99/month per user (Workspaces, shared commands, AI assistant, unified billing)

6. BeforeSunset

***Turn your to-dos into the perfect schedule *Tags: Productivity, SaaS, Artificial Intelligence PH Launch: 15.06.2023 Upvotes: 1715 ▲

Get your insights and let AI plan your day for you with BeforeSunset

Featured in June, BeforeSunset is a smart AI daily planner tool designed to assist busy professionals in effectively planning their day, with a range of features to optimize your productivity.

The AI assistant can automatically plan your day, make tasks actionable, and even create subtasks. By syncing with your calendar and to-do list, BeforeSunset optimizes your tasks and creates a perfect schedule tailored to your needs. You can set goals by tags and categorize your to-dos, and the app will help with every task, how long it will take, and how much time you have available.

If you need to monitor how much time you spend on each task, the time-tracking feature is there, enabling you to evaluate and improve your time management skills. With time-blocking, you can allocate specific time slots for each task, ensuring better organization and focus. And the Personal Analytics section provides valuable insights into your productivity patterns, for you to make mindful adjustments to your planning approach.

🪙 Pricing

  • Basic plan: Free (unlimited todos and subtasks, tagging, note-taking, break and work time tracking, calendar integration, mood tracking, time-blocking, 30-day history, daily analytics, AI assistant: 300 credits)

  • Personal Pro plan:** $9.99/month** (weekly analytics, unlimited AI assistant)

  • Team Pro plan:** $9.99/month** (weekly analytics, unlimited AI assistant)

7. Lazy

***Capture at the speed of thought *Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Productivity, Mac, iOS PH Launch: 26.07.2023 Upvotes: 1572 ▲

Transcribe key moments from videos and capture them with Lazy

We’ve seen endless note-taking apps crossing our paths, but this month’s champion is something else. Lazy eliminates the need for switching between different apps or tabs to capture your thoughts. With a simple ⌘ shortcut, you can save notes from anywhere on your device and not get distracted in between.

Fast, the platform allows you to bookmark things, clip information from whatever app you’re working on, and create notes in a matter of seconds — all in a streamlined interface with no extra steps.

But that’s not what impressed us (after all, you can also create handy notes with our Curiosity command bar 😊)*.

We were thoroughly amazed by Lazy’s ability to transcribe what you’ve just heard in one command. You can save key moments from lives and other videos, mark videos to be watched later, take timestamped and actionable notes, and save author details. And the same can be done for articles, links, Kindle highlights, and Twitter threads.

🪙 Pricing

Note: Lazy is still being implemented. You can join the app waitlist by clicking here.

8. Kombai

***A new AI model that you can prompt with UI designs *Tags: Productivity, Developer Tools, Artificial Intelligence PH Launch: 23.08.2023 Upvotes: 2074 ▲

Prompt Kombai with your design files to get high-quality UI code in one click per component

Do you have a design that you want to convert into code quickly and efficiently? Then Kombai is the right assistant for you. This AI model takes designs as prompts and generates code based on them, so you can easily transform your ideas into functional code.

Launched in August, Kombai produces high-quality output code in React, HTML, and CSS. Let’s say you’re working with Figma: there’s no need to tag, name, or group design elements in any specific way, since Kombai works on vector data obtained from the design tool, ensuring accurate code generation.

It provides a logical div structure in the DOM, a logical component structure in the React code, and logical names for classes, variables, and components. The generated CSS code includes accurate width, margin, padding, and flex-related properties, without hardcoded dimensions. The JS code is clean and includes loops and conditions where necessary, and the tool generates functional components for form elements.

And don’t worry: You can tweak the design a little to get the code you want, which makes this a valuable tool for developers and designers alike.

🪙 Pricing

  • Basic plan: Free (generate code for designs in Figma, copy code, send preview emails, minify code & customize responsive behavior, automated compatibility evaluation, email design blocks for Drag & Drop)

  • Professional plan:** $50/month** (everything in Basic, unlimited code downloads with optimized images, define font fallbacks, autogenerate Alt-text for images, premium support )

9. Tally 2.0

The simplest way to create forms for free Tags: Productivity, SaaS, No-Code PH Launch: 19.09.2023 Upvotes: 1932 ▲

Create unlimited professional forms and surveys with Tally for free

Dealing with boring and complicated forms can significantly slow down our pace at work. To solve that issue, Tally 2.0 was launched in September as a simple and intuitive form builder with no code involved to make your life easier.

Tally is perfect for anyone who needs to create online forms: business owners, researchers, teachers, marketers — just anyone who needs to collect data, really. You don’t need any coding skills — simply type your questions like you would in a document, and Tally takes care of the rest.

You get unlimited forms and submissions for free right from the start. As long as you stay within their fair usage guidelines, you can create professional forms and surveys without any limitations, share them with your audience, collect their responses, and analyze the data hassle-free.

Tally is GDPR compliant and takes your data privacy seriously. It’s hosted in Europe, doesn’t use cookie-tracking, and all form data is securely stored and encrypted both in transit and at rest.

🪙 Pricing

  • Basic plan: Free (unlimited forms and submissions, collect payments, file upload up to 10 MB/file, email notification, form logic, calculator, hidden fields, answer piping, schedule a close date, custom closed message, integrations & more)

  • Pro plan:** $29/month** (no Tally branding, custom domains, partial submissions, collaboration, custom CSS, no commission, workspaces, unlimited uploads)

10. Cloaked

Virtual identities to protect your privacy Tags: Productivity, SaaS, Privacy PH Launch: 03.10.2023 Upvotes: 1782 ▲

Update your identities everywhere with Cloaked and keep your data safe

Privacy-conscious users, the most-voted tool in October is your ultimate digital ally! If you’re tired of unwanted spam, unsolicited messages, and the nagging fear of data misuse — Cloaked’s got you covered! With instant and unlimited virtual identities, you can manage it all in one user-friendly dashboard, and regain control over who contacts you and when — ensuring your data is shielded from prying eyes.

The app boasts features like instant phone and email IDs — fully functional, to be utilized in-app or to forward to your personal number and email address, a secure password manager, number locking to filter out unwanted contacts, and an AutoCloak feature that updates your existing accounts to use Cloaked IDs.

In a world where privacy is a rare gem, Cloaked empowers you to enjoy the conveniences of technology without compromising your personal information. Worth trying to keep your data safe from hackers and scammers, and take control of your digital life.

🪙 Pricing

Note: Cloaked is offering 20% off with the promo code CURIOSITY to be applied after signing up.

  • Monthly subscription: $10/month (usable phone numbers and email addresses, dedicated inboxes, one-time passcodes, browser extension, dedicated mobile app, import and store passwords, share identities)

  • Annual subscription: $8/month (including all of the above)

11. Flowla

Digital sales rooms that wow buyers Tags: Productivity, Customer Success, Sales PH Launch: 21.11.2023 Upvotes: 1677 ▲

Know what’s happening in your pipeline and make data-driven decisions with Flowla

Flowla, the hottest app in November, was designed to transform your cluttered communication into a streamlined buyer journey that not only impresses your clients but also ramps up your win rates.

The app allows you to create a custom-branded link that contains all your materials — documents, videos, interactive demos, and more — combined with e-signature links and live calendars.

You can collaborate effortlessly with stakeholders, align on mutual action plans, and track every prospect’s move. Flowla is perfect for crafting digital sales rooms or onboarding checklists that help close deals swiftly and efficiently.

The pain of repetitive emails and disjointed communications is now a thing of the past. With Flowla, every piece of the puzzle is right where you need it, providing insights that light up your path to success — just like it did for the app’s creator, who turned his own frustrations into this elegant solution.

🪙 Pricing

  • Starter plan: Free (5 flows/organization, unlimited users, smart insights, instant notifications, messaging, Flowla AI)

  • Professional plan: $49/month per user (unlimited flows, unlimited content, custom background and layouts, CRM integrations)

  • Team plan: $79/month per user (remove Flowla branding, detailed admin dashboard, e-signature, custom onboarding, dedicated account manager)

12. FuseBase

Client collaboration platform for professional services Tags: Productivity, Customer Success, Customer Communication PH Launch: 11.12.2023 Upvotes: 1876 ▲

Say goodbye to using separate tools for project management and client collaboration with FuseBase

Lastly, our December winner is fresh out of the list to make you rejoice! FuseBase isn’t just a tool — it’s your partner in professional services success, ensuring higher client satisfaction and referrals.

The app combines internal strategy workspaces and external client portals into one seamless platform. It’s designed to keep your team organized and your clients engaged without the complexity, freeing you up to focus on billable hours and strategic growth.

With lightweight project management and knowledge management tools to keep your internal team on track, FuseBase offers your clients a personalized, stress-free portal experience that will enhance your professional image.

🪙 Pricing

  • Basic plan: Free (unlimited devices, 1 cliente portal, unlimited nested folders, powerful editor, document scanner, shared pages)

  • Standard plan: $9/month per user (1 member included, 1 workspace, 1 client portal, unlimited pages, search in images and docs)

  • Plus plan: $12/month per user (3 members included, 5 workspaces, 5 client portals, 20 client accounts, 3 guests per member, portal access management, server backups)

  • Premium plan: $30/month per user (5 members included, 15 workspaces, 15 client portals, unlimited client accounts, 3 guests per member, white label solution, AI included)

Wrapping up

We’ve seen the stars of the app world shine brightly in 2023, thanks to the discerning eyes of Product Hunt’s community.

No matter which category sparked your interest this year, these handpicked gems are sure to enhance your digital journey. As we turn the page on another chapter of tech innovation, take these monthly picks and let them inspire your path forward.

Here’s to making every swipe, click, and keystroke count with the best that 2023 had to offer. We can’t wait to see what 2024 will bring! 💫

And make sure to check **Curiosity** — *the only platform you’ll need for integrated search, commands, email functionalities, and smart AI assistance! 🚀

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