Case Study at Airbus

Search in 40 years of irreplaceable knowledge

With a rapidly growing global fleet, the Airbus Flight Operations team was struggling to access their data. They needed a better way to find information, especially in legacy systems.

Curiosity built a unified search that simplifies over 90% of the team's searches.

Searching in 7 million files across 15 silos

The Airbus Flight Operations Support and Training Standards team, with over 200 engineers and pilots, provide flight operations manuals, pilot and cabin crew training standards, and technical support to all Airbus operators.

They have over 40 years of historical information spread over 15 sources, including two CRM systems, shared drives, and numerous engineering databases.

Curiosity simplified over 90% of searches

Curiosity's enterprise search lets Airbus connect all the team's structured and unstructured knowledge into one intuitive search, including over 7 million documents and 150 million business objects.

It provides intuitive ways of navigating the data, like finding all documents related to a specific aircraft or airline.

It uses natural language processing (NLP) to extract and connect the data into a knowledge graph and lets users easily find and navigate information without having to switch systems.

Saving time with one search

With Curiosity, the Airbus teams can quickly find the information they need across a range of sources. The unifiied search drastically reduces search time, especially for complex queries that require digging into historical data. They can now easily find existing answers and avoid unnecessary rework.

As a leader in the aerospace market, Airbus will no doubt continue to find innovative ways to use and extend Curiosity, improving customer support and keeping aviation safe.

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