Curiosity for My Files

If you've ever spent half an hour clicking through folders, you know how frustrating it can be to find documents stored locally on a computer.

Whether you're tired of Windows Search or looking for a Spotlight alternative that also searches your other apps, Curiosity is ready to help.

How it works

Connect your files to Curiosity so you can:​

  • Get blazing-fast search for all your files

  • Search your local files, cloud files, and emails in one place

  • Search from anywhere using the command bar

Connecting my files

To get started, install Curiosity and follow these steps:​

  • Go to Apps, find Computer and click Manage

  • Select the folders you want to add

  • That's it! We'll keep track of any changes for you

Your files will be processed in the background, and you can quickly search folders and files from the app command bar.​

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