Data Security built for enterprises

Curiosity was designed to keep your confidential data safe. It natively includes access control at the node-level in its knowledge graph and ensures no data is left unencrypted on disk.

Data Encryption

All your data is encrypted in transit and at rest, using the industry-standard AES256 encryption.

Graph-Native Access Control

Control data access with fine-grained access rights management for users and teams in the knowledge graph and search.


Curiosity systems are fully GDPR compliant and can be deployed to a cloud region of your choice. For extra security, you can also deploy on your infrastructure.

Cloud or On-Prem

Get started with a managed instance, deploy to your own cloud infrastructure, or even install it locally. Curiosity has the easiest deployment on the market

Single Sign-On

Integrate with your authentication systems of choice and make it frictionless for your users to access Curiosity.

Automatic Data Syncing

Curiosity supports synchronization with multiple data sources and custom connectors. All data passes through machine learning pipelines and is integrated into the knowledge graph for a seamless experience.