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In increasingly competitive environment, a major German online news provider needed to find ways to keep users engaged. They suspected strong recommendations for articles based on users’ behavior might be the key. A large team of data scientists had already worked on the problem for months and substantially improved clickthrough rates, but they were interested in trying new approaches to get even better results. The challenge: Spread across the sites, the customer gathers over 100 GB of data from over 5 million unique users every day.


In a short, four-week project, Curiosity is developing a recommender engine based on a graph of the information about all the customers’ articles and users. It works by automatically extracting topics from each incoming news article and measuring its similarity to articles and topics that users have viewed in the past. When users click on an article, it will use that knowledge to recommend articles to them. When it’s ready, it will handle the full volume of the production system and return recommendations in milliseconds.

  • Date: June 2018


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