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A global industrial company faced a challenge with technical support. Several hundred highly-trained engineers were tasked with answering complex technical questions from customers. In theory, they had all the information they needed in terms of technical documentation and answers to past questions. However, due to a lack of integration of unstructured data they were using almost >30 different tools and spending 1-2 days a week just searching for information. The teams were already struggling to keep up, and a large production ramp-up was threatening to make the situation unsustainable.


Curiosity is working with the technical support teams to integrate all the relevant data sources like technical documentation, email exchanges with customers, and previous questions. We are linking all the documents together into a knowledge graph by using abstract concepts like product, location, or fault code. Based on the graph, we’re building a search and exploration tool that allows engineers to quickly find documents related to the question they’re working on. Now they can easily see whether the question has already been answered before, and if not to identify the material they need to craft a new response.

  • Date: June 2018


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