Your data stays safe

Curiosity keeps all your data safe on your device.
We never have access to any of your files, emails or apps.

All data indexed on your device

All your files and apps data is indexed locally on your own device, not in the cloud. We don't copy your apps and files to our servers.

Industry-standard authorization

We use OAuth 2.0, an industry-standard protocol for authentication with your apps. All traffic is directly between your device and third-party application APIs like Google, Microsoft, Slack, etc.

Encrypted and Locked

We use SSL to encrypt your data during transit. That means your data is fully encrypted while syncing. On your device, all data is kept on your users' folder, so other users will not see it.

For your eyes only

No one at Curiosity can ever see your data. It's all kept on your device and never uploaded anywhere. We're not, and will never be, in the business of aggregating or selling data.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Curiosity's security compare to other search apps?

We understand that you're giving the app access to a lot of sensitive data and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Other search apps (e.g. Slapdash, Searchable, Outmind) copy all of your data to their servers for indexing. That means you need to trust them to handle your data responsibly.

Curiosity was built around data security: We put a lot of work into designing the app in such a way that all of your data is always kept safe on your computer. All processing is done locally and none of your data is ever sent to the cloud.

Why does the app need access to my cloud apps?

The app needs access to your cloud apps in order to make your data searchable ("indexing"). For that, the app needs to temporarily download the data from your cloud sources to your computer ("syncing").

For authentication with your accounts, we use the industry-standard OAuth2 protocol. Access to your cloud sources is granted only for you and the Curiosity app installed on your computer. We can't see your data.

Can you see my data?

Absolutely not. Curiosity keeps everything on your computer, so only you can access your data!

Where do you store my data?

We don't store your data. The app is installed locally on your computer and all your data stays there (sorry if this is getting repetitive).

Do you share my data with anybody?

No we do not share your data. We sell software. We are not, and never will be in the business of sharing or selling data.

Why do you ask for permissions?

We need to ask permission to search and run commands for the apps you connect. The app uses them only on your computer.

Do you store my data on the Cloud?

No we don't. Everything your Curiosity app knows is kept safe on your computer and on the apps you connected. We never see any of it.

How do you keep my data safe while it's being synced?

All your data is encrypted during sync with your cloud apps. We use the industry-standard protocol HTTPS.

Why don't you offer multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security feature for web applications that are accessible from anywhere on the internet. MFA doesn't make sense for Curiosity because the app isn't accessible from the internet: It lives locally on your computer. To access your data, attackers would need access to your operating system.

Other people in my team have Curiosity. Can they see / search my data?

No. Only you can see and search your data.

For teams who want shared search on large or complex data sources, we offer special server installations (incl. access permissions). Those Teams/Enterprise licenses are separate from the standard desktop app.

I share a computer. Can the other users see my data?

No they can't. By default Curiosity keeps all your data in your user folder. That means other accounts on the same computer are not able to see it.

I have a privacy-related suggestion / feedback. How can I share it with you?

We'd love to hear about it! Please drop us an email at

What is your privacy policy?

You can find our privacy policy here.

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