Case Study: Avoid re-work

Improve your Technical Support effectiveness

The technical support group in an industrial company was struggling to find information in decades of complex technical documents spread across 15 different sources.

Curiosity linked all the information into a single search system with over 5 million documents. Intelligent filters and linked data views make it easy to pinpoint information and navigate the knowledge.

Efficiency improved by over 15% from better reuse of existing answers and reduced search time.

I spent over a month searching for a specific document in our legacy systems.With Curiosity, I found it on my first search.
— Technical Support Engineer
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Case Study: R&D Collaboration

Finding the right Expert

The R&D team in a Fortune 2000 technology company has over 30k research papers and conference presentations on a shared drive but was struggling to find the information they need.

Curiosity search makes it easy to search the documents with filters based on their content and find connected information, e.g. find all papers related to a competitor or an expert.

The research team reports significant savings from avoiding rework and new opportunities from understanding what others are doing.

Strong knowledge management bears a huge potential in our complex industry. Curiosity makes it easy for our experts to find the information they need in the vast amounts of unstructured data.
— Sebastian (Project Manager)
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Case Study: Product Documentation (OEM)

Help customers understand your products

An industrial company delivered extensive product documentation to their customers but had no way of making it searchable on customer premises.

Curiosity provides a white-label search system that can be fully configured on client infrastructure by just running an installer.

The company is now testing the roll-out of Curiosity search to its entire customer base.

It was like using Google for the first time - but for our own documentation.
— Project Manager
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Use-Case: Legal Discovery

Integrate your documents for eDiscovery

Investigations, e-discovery, and compliance share one thing in common – lot's of data and and the need to explore the information. Curiosity can help you with it, with it's powerful AI-based search and easy-to-use knowledge graph technology.

Curiosity makes it easy to search and tag the documents with filters based on their content and find connected information, e.g. find all emails and contracts related to a supplier or person.

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